Winter is probably one of the most amazing seasons of the year for traveling to a new European destination and discovering some of the most amazing snowy landscapes in the world.  One of the European legends, which is perfect in winter or in the Christmas season, is Austria.

Austria is a place which is famous for many things, it’s a place that you must visit during Christmas, as the center of the city is incredibly beautiful, decorated with Christmas lights.  Another reason that many travelers from around the world choose Austria for their winter getaway, is the amazing skiing opportunities and the eye-catching ski resorts where you can spend your winter break.

Therefore, if you are planning to visit Austria this winter, you are in the right place.  Why?

Read below and find out the 4 most amazing ski resorts in the Austrian Alps.

1. Kitzbuhel

One of the most famous places in Austria in case you are willing to spend your holidays hitting the slopes is Kitzbuhel.  This place is not only amazing for its skiing options but because it’s considered one of the most romantic and lovely destinations in Austria.  This city is located somewhere between Salzburg and Innsbruck and it’s probably the dream destination of every skier in the world.  Kitzbuhel hosts wide ski pistes and zones appropriate for every ski level, in order for everyone to have the opportunity of practicing their skills.  Of course, before visiting this place, take a look at Erna Low, to find out the best accommodation option according to your own needs.

2. Nassfeld

Another amazing ski resort that is located in Austria, is Nassfeld.  This is a fantastic ski resort and it’s pretty amazing for families and skiers from all over the world.  It’s located in the special region of the Austrian Alps, which is like a border with both Italy and Slovenia.  This resort is well-known for its sunny weather, so it is well-deserved to be called the “sun terrace of the Alps”.  Also, this place is an amazing destination for beginners as well as it’s perfect for intermediates and professional skiers, who love to challenge themselves.

3. St. Anton am Arlberg

3. St. Anton am Arlberg

Another ski resort in Austria that can’t miss this list is St. Anton am Alberg.  This resort is considered one of the World’s top resorts when it comes to professional skiing.  St. Anton hosts some of the most challenging pistes in Europe and one of them is named “The White Thrill”.  Moreover, the resort’s village is car-free and provides many options for someone who wants to relax after skiing, such as shops, amazing restaurants, and cafes.

4. Mayrhofen

Last but not least, another worth-visiting ski resort in Austria is Mayrhofen.  This place is a paradise not only for skiers but for snowboarders too because of the amazing snowfields and challenging pistes which are perfect for snowboarders.  Of course, there are amazing and challenging pistes for skiers of all levels, provided at good prices.