Skopelos Island is a paradise which you must visit.  It offers something for everyone including turquoise seas, white beaches, green forests, stunning sunsets, movie filming locations, fresh Greek food, boat trips around white cliffs, rare exotic birds and rewarding hikes.  Read on to explore Skopelos Island.

Skopelos Port

Skopelos Port, Skopelos Island Greece

Skopelos Island has no airport therefore it’s highly likely you’ll first arrive at Skopelos Port. As you enter the port you’ll get your first feeling of the green hills above the Aegean.  Skopelos Port is certainly picturesque as well as being home to lots of friendly locals, hotels, restaurants, taverns, and anything you’ll need during your stay on the island.  Welcome to Skopelos Island, Greece.

Skopelos Town

Skopelos Town, Skopelos Island Greece

Something you must do in Skopelos Town is explore the small streets of the old town.  The colorful doorways and windows will certainly catch your eye.

Friendly Greek Family Restaurant in Skopelos Port

Friendly Greek Family Restaurant in Skopelos Port

Food is an important part of visiting Greece so I must mention Ammos Restaurant.  Whether you need a coffee at lunch, drink and snacks in the afternoon or a meal in the evening, you must pass by Ammos.  Visit their Facebook page for the latest photos and events.  Read more about Ammos Restaurant on my Travel Blog.

Fine Dining in Skopelos Town

To Rodi Restaurant - Skopelos Island Greece

To Rodi Restaurant offers fine dining in a stunning setting within Skopelos old town.  I recommend you enjoy a drink at the uniquely tiled bar before and after your meal.  Here is the exact location.

Amarantos Cove

Amarantos Cape, Skopelos Island

For me, Amarantos Cove is the most beautiful part of Skopelos Island.  What’s more, it’s quite secluded so you could have it all to yourself.  In addition to the stunning Pine Tree Island there are also a few private coves in this are which you can swim in.  Lastly, anyone who has seen the movie, Mamma Mia will recognize Amarantos Cove.


Agnondas - Sunset Spot

For me, Agnondas offers the best sunset location on the island.  Sit back and watch the sun go down whilst it reflects in the calm Agnondas Bay.

Mouria Fish Tavern Agnondas

Mouria Fish Tavern Agnondas

How can you enhance your experience at the best sunset location on Skopelos Island?  I recommend a freshly prepared meal at Mouria Fish Tavern.  Here is the exact location.

Panormos Beach

Panormos Beach, Skopelos Island

Panormos Beach is located in front of the small Panormos Village.  As a result, there are several bars and restaurants across the road from the beach.

Milia Beach – Love Heart Shaped Beach

Milia Beach - Love Heart Shaped Beach, Skopelos Island

Milia Beach is the longest in Skopelos.  For this reason, it’s highly likely you’ll find a part of it all for yourself.  The beach itself is split in the middle by some picturesque white rocks.  Lastly, it’s this split which gives Milia Beach a unique heart shape which is best viewed from the road above.

Milia Beach Panoramic Viewpoint

Milia Beach Panoramic Viewpoint, Skopelos Island

Where is the most romantic selfie spot on Skopelos Island?  I recommend the panoramic viewpoint of the Milia Beach blue love heart.  Park the car at the side of the main road above to view the beach.

Kastani Beach

Kastani Beach, Skopelos Island, Greece

Kastani Beach is simply stunning.  So stunning that it was picked as a Mamma Mia filming location.  This beach offers all you need for the day, even more so because of the adjacent beach bar.  If you’re here to pose for photos then the white beach, clear turquoise water, green pine trees and white cliffs will enhance every photo you take.

Mamma Mia Chapel

Mamma Mia Chapel, Skopelos Island

Many tourists will visit Skopelos Island especially for the Mamma Mia Chapel.  Climb the stairs to the Church of Agios where the wedding took place.  I highly recommend you hire your own car to explore Skopelos Island so you can have this piece of movie history all to yourself.

Mamma Mia Chapel Interior

Mamma Mia Chapel Interior

After climbing the stairs to the Church of Agios you may cool off inside for a while.  Afterwards, enjoy the splendid views of the white cliffs and serious sea of Skopelos Island.

Glossa and Loutraki

Glossa and Loutraki, Skopelos Island

Glossa is the second town of Skopelos Island.  As a matter of fact, it’s a good place to find restaurants, taverns, supermarkets and gas stations on the island.  Below Glossa is the small village of Louktraki which serves as Glossa Port.  There’s a small beach here, ancient Roman baths and a beautiful church (above).  Finally, for those searching for Eleonora’s Falcons, you’re most likely to find them in this part of Skopelos Island.

Boat Trip on Skopelos Island

Boat Trip on Skopelos Island Greece

Hire a boat to explore Skopelos Island in style.  Sail past the white cliffs, Amarandos Cove, Mamma Mia Chapel and wherever else you wish!  I recommend Dolphins of Skopelos to organize your boat trip.  Alternatively, go kayaking.

Hiking on Skopelos Island

Hiking on Skopelos Island, Greece

Skopelos Island, Greece is known for its paradise beaches, turquoise waters and a green backdrop of trees.  Curious travelers may wish to explore further than the beaches into the huge forests of the island.  They will be greatly rewarded not only with wildlife but also with stunning views from within the forests as well as beach views.

Hiking Trails on Skopelos Island

Hiking Trails on Skopelos Island, Greece

There are many signposted hiking trails throughout Skopelos Island which you can follow yourself.  Alternatively, try an organised hike with Dolphins of Skopelos.


Stafylos, Skopelos Island

Stafylos is a tiny village and beach just 4 kilometers from Skopelos.  There is a popular hike here from Skopelos Town which passes several monasteries as you cross over Mount Palouki.

Hire a Car to Explore Skopelos Island

Hire a car to explore Skopelos Island - road trip

Hiring a car (or motorbike) is a must if you want to visit all the Skopelos Island beauty spots.  This will give you the freedom to go to your favorite Instagram spots for as long as you wish.

Birdwatching on Skopelos Island

Birdwatching on Skopelos Island Greece

Birdwatching in Skopelos Island is something which goes with hiking and hiring your own car.  You can drive to the secluded spots of the island or even hike to where the birds are.  Which birds can you see on Skopelos Island?  A bird many are unlikely to have seen is the Eleonora’s falcon.  I was lucky enough to see one close to the Perivoliou Beach Bar in the north of the island.

Which Birds Can I See on Skopelos Island?

Falcon, Skopelos Island Greece

I visited in September and in addition to the Eleonora’s falcons, there are many other interesting birds you may see: Peregrine falcon, red-footed falcon, hobby and various buzzards.  Owls which have been seen on the island include, Scops, Eagle, Long Eared, Tawny and Little.  Lastly, other interesting birds include, parakeets, bee-eaters, cuckoos, rollers, hoopoes, black redstarts, buntings, orioles, serins, shearwaters, pelicans, 5 different types of woodpeckers, 4 different types of herons as well as many others!

How to Get to Skopelos Island Greece

How to get to Skopelos Island Greece

Getting to Skopelos Island is easier than you’d imagine.  There are regular 1 hour ferry crossings between Skiathos and Skopelos.  Check Blue Star Ferries for the schedule.  Skiathos airport has flights to many major cities throughout Europe.  I personally combined Skiathos and Skopelos but with more time you could also add Alonnisos to your itinerary.  Enjoy Skopelos Island!

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