Split Croatia - Things to do in Split, including UNESCO world heritage sites as well as Game of Thrones locations. Also the best sunset location in the world! After I travel overland to Dubrovnik.

Split Croatia – Things to do in Split

Split is the second largest city in Croatia after Zagreb.  Things to do in Split Croatia include;

  • Diocletian’s Palace UNESCO site and Game of Thrones location
  • Port of Split
  • Gregory of Nin
  • Croatian National Theater
  • Fruit Square
  • Marjan Hill and Park
  • Day trip to Hvar Island or Brac Island
  • Day trip to Trogir – UNESCO site and Game of Thrones location
  • Hajduk Split Stadium Tour
  • Day trip to Krka National Park or Plitvice Falls

I stayed at Guesthouse Vujevic which is a 20 minute walk from Split old town, additionally it’s conveniently located near a huge shopping mall.

Diocletian’s Palace – Split Croatia

Diocletian’s Palace - UNESCO world heritage site in Split Croatia - panoramic

The main attraction of Split is Diocletian’s Palace.  It’s a huge palace built in the 4th century by Roman Emperor Diocletian.  Read about things to do in Diocletian’s Palace here.  Furthermore, the best place to photograph the palace is from across the port, as a result you’ll get a nice reflection as well as the mountains in the background.  Additionally, you’ll see the enormity of the palace from there.

Port of Split

Split Croatia - Things to do in Split - Bay of Split at sunset

If you take a boat tour or trip to the Croatian Islands of Hvar or Brac, it will likely set off from the Port of Split.  With a range of itineraries to choose from, guests can explore the stunning Croatian coastline and its hidden gems with the well-known small ships. The small size of the ships creates an intimate and personalized experience, with only a limited number of guests on board. The onboard crew is professional and knowledgeable, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey for all. From swimming in secluded bays to exploring charming towns, small ship cruises by Sail Croatia provide a one-of-a-kind adventure that should be on every traveler’s bucket list.  Moreover, there’s a beautiful promenade walk around it.   Additionally the Port of Split Croatia offers one of the best sunset locations in the world.  The water in the port is calm, as a result the sunset reflects in it.  In fact the sunset is so spectacular that I actually noticed people staring into the sky at the sunset before I saw the sunset itself.   There are plenty of cafes to sit out at on the promenade and enjoy the views.

Gregory of Nin

Split Croatia - Things to do in Split - Gregory of Nin

The Gregory of Nin statue is located outside the Golden Gate of Diocletian’s Palace.  Church services used to be only given in Latin language, however Gregory the bishop of Nin introduced them in Croatian.  As a result, Christianity grew in this part of the world.  Legend has it, if you touch his left foot it will bring you luck.

Croatia National Theater

Split Croatia - Things to do in Split - Croatia National Theater

From outside, the theater looks impressive but from inside it’s one of the grandest theaters you’ll ever see.  To view the interior you must watch a live performance, schedule and ticket information is available online.

Fruit Square

Split Croatia - Things to do in Split - Fruit Square

Split is famous worldwide as a Game of Thrones filming location.  However, another series filmed here was Velo Misto, a Croatian production in which Fruit Square featured heavily.  Fruit Square got its name as women from surrounding villages would bring fruit here to sell.  Unfortunately this no longer happens, nevertheless the square is still worth visiting.  Surrounding the square are majestic buildings of Venetian and Baroque architecture.  In addition, the statue which stands in the middle is of the Split philosopher, Marko Marulic.

Marjan Hill and Park

Split Croatia - Things to do in Split - Marjan Hill and Park

If you walk far enough along Split promenade you’ll arrive at Marjan Hill and Park.  There is a good view of Diocletian’s Palace and even a plaque explaining the history of it from a viewpoint.  In reality, it’s not such a beautiful park and you can see equally good views from the promenade.  For this reason I would skip the park unless you need to exercise or fancy a long walk out there!  Additionally if you take the promenade walk to the other side of Split, you’ll come to Bacvice Beach and Firule Beach.

Day Trip to Trogir UNESCO city and Game of Thrones Location

Trogir - A day trip from Split Croatia to the UNESCO city - Kamerlengo Castle

Trogir is a UNESCO world heritage city a short drive from Split.  It’s easy to visit as there are regular bus connections to Split, additionally Split airport is located nearby.  As well as Split, Trogir is also a Game of Thrones filming location.  Read about my day trip to Trogir from Split.

Hajduk Split Stadium and Museum Tour

Hadjuk Split - Museum and Stadium Tour - Trophy Cabinet

Hajduk Split were one of the big four Yugoslavian football teams.  It’s possible to visit the historic stadium and learn about the history of this team in the museum.  The highlight of this tour is seeing the Yugoslav Cup which was buried underground for many years during the Yugoslav wars.  Read about the Hajduk Split Stadium and Museum Tour experience.

Day trip to Krka National Park or Plitvice Lakes (UNESCO site)

Croatia is home to 2 sets of beautiful waterfalls and it’s possible to visit these on day trips from Split.  Plitvice Lakes National Park are the most popular and in fact a UNESCO world heritage site.  Alternatively, you can take a day trip to Krka Falls which are equally as stunning.  There are many day trips being sold in booths at Split bus station.

Day trip to Hvar Island (UNESCO site) or Brac Island

As well as day trips to the national parks, it’s also possible to take day trips to Hvar Island or Brac Island.  With the deep blues of the Adriatic sea, a boat trip can be a rewarding experience.  In addition, Hvar Island is home of the UNESCO world heritage landscape, the Stari Grad Plain.  Tours to theses Croatian islands are sold in many of the booths surrounding Split bus station.

Instagrammable Locations in Split Croatia

Split Croatia - Things to do in Split - Instagrammable Locations

Split is a paradise for taking Instagrammable photos.  As well as the 4th century palace of a Roman Emperor, there are several majestic buildings and Game of Thrones locations to pose in front of.  In addition there is the Port of Split which offers reflections in every direction.  Furthermore, if you take day trips to the islands, national parks and waterfalls there is a lot of natural beauty to photograph.

How to get from Split to Dubrovnik by bus

Bus from Split to Dubrovnik - 4 hours - €15

Opposite Diocletian’s Palace is Split bus station.  From Split bus station you can find out bus times to Dubrovnik and buy your bus ticket.  I recommend buying the ticket a day in advance to ensure your place on the bus.  This route briefly crosses through Bosnia therefore it’s a good way to add another country to your list!  The negative about this route is that you have to pass through passport control four times.  Additionally the ticket costs around €15 and the journey takes from 3-4 hours.

Map of Split

Dubrovnik to Kotor