The Olympic Stadium in Rome is known locally as the Stadio Olimpico and it’s home to Roma, Lazio and the Italy National Team.  I share my matchday experience with original photography.

Stadio Olimpico Facts

Stadio Olimpico Facts

Stadio Olimpico is huge with a capacity of over 70,000.  It’s home to both Roma and Lazio and often hosts the Italy National Team.  Additionally, this stadium regularly hosts athletics, rugby and music concerts.  Famous events held at the Stadio Olimpico include:

  • 1960 Olympics
  • 1968 and 1980 Euro Finals
  • 1990 World Cup Final
  • 1977, 1984, 1996 and 2009 European Cup Finals
  • Elton John, Tina Turner, Sting, Madonna, Rolling Stones, George Michael, U2, Beyonce and Ed Sheeran have all performed at the Stadio Olimpico

Of course, the most famous game here was the 1990 World Cup Final where West Germany beat Argentina 1-0.

Entering the Olympic Stadium

Roma Mascot at Stadio Olimpico

As you enter the stadium, keep a look out for the Roma mascot.  I saw him outside the Roma Club Store as well as walking around the live entertainment stalls directly in front of the stadium.  The Roma mascot is called Romolo and he’s a wolf.

Live Pre-Match Entertainment

Live Pre-Match Entertainment, Stadio Olimpico

Before you enter the stadium, you may wish to enjoy some live entertainment.  There are several different stands, some with live entertainment, others with games etc.  Even if you’re not interested in these activities, they certainly add to the pre-match atmosphere.

Pre Match Build Up – Roma Vs Torino

Pre Match Build Up at Stadio Olimpico

The match I watched was Roma Vs Torino.  Before the players entered the pitch several events raised the atmosphere and excited the crowd.  Firstly, a camera was filming people in the crowd and projecting them on the big screen.  Secondly, the team line ups were announced.  Thirdly, Roma theme tunes were played for the crowd to sing alone to.  Finally, the stadium lights were flashed on and off before the players entered to warm up on the pitch.  Of course, the Roma players were cheered whilst the Torino players were booed.

TV and Media

TV and Media Coverage at Stadio Olimpico

As the players were warming up on the pitch I spotted Gianluca Vialli doing his pitch side pre-match commentary.

Player Warm-Up

Player Warm-Up, Stadio Olimpico

As the teams warmed up it was my chance to identify the top players from each team.  Ivorian international, Wilfried Stephane Singo played for Torino.  As for the home side, Italian international Lorenzo Pellegrini would play.  Additionally, England star Tammy Abraham would also line up for Roma.

Pre Match Line-up

Pre Match Line Up - Stadio Olimpico

Before kick off the players will shake hands and line up.  Additionally, the players had red stripes painted on their cheeks.  They were doing this to raise awareness of violence against women.  The red stripe is significant as a red card to violence.

Curva Sud

Curva Sud, Stadio Olimpic

Roma fans sit in the Curva Sud section of the Stadio Olimpico.  Known as the Roma Ultras these cheer loudest and also wave huge flags throughout the game.  I don’t recommend you sit directly in the south or north end of the stadium.  However, it’s good to watch them.

Curva Nord

Curva Nord, Stadio Olimpico

If Lazio are playing they will occupy the Curva Nord.  However, as I was watching Roma, the Curva Nord was the away end.  Torino fans had a small protected section of the Curva Nord.

Matchday Experience at Stadio Olimpico

Matchday Experience at Stadio Olimpico

The game ended 1-0 to Roma with Englishman Tammy Abraham scoring the only goal in the first half.

Half Time Treats

Half Time Treats at Stadio Olimpico

In Italy you’re allowed to drink alcohol throughout the game which is good news for beer drinkers.  What’s more, as we’re in Italy so there are paninis, pizza, chocolate and gelato on sale.  Alternatively, hot dogs, burgers and french fries are also available.  If you’re hungry or thirsty then you’ll certainly find something to fill up on here in the Stadio Olimpico.

Action From the Player Dugouts

Action From the Player Dugouts

Jose Mourinho was in charge as I watched Roma.  He was the centre of attention on the touchline.

Stadio Olimpico Stadium Tour

Stadio Olimpic Stadium Tour

There’s is no Stadio Olimpico stadium tour, the only way to go inside is to attend a live event.  Plan ahead to buy the cheapest tickets and enjoy.  Buy Roma or Lazio tickets directly from their websites.

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