Sunny Beach is the party town of Bulgaria.  It’s located on the Black Sea coast, here are a few things to do in Sunny Beach Bulgaria;

  • Beach and Water Activities
  • Sunny Beach Promenade
  • Beach Bars
  • Sunny Beach Main Strip
  • Pier
  • Cheapest bar in Sunny Beach Bulgaria
  • Luna Park Bulgaria
  • Day Trips to Nessebar, Burgas and Varna

There are hundreds of resorts and hotels in Sunny Beach therefore you’ll find one to suit your budget.

Beach and Water Activities

Things to do in Sunny Beach - Bulgaria - Beach and Water activities

As you would imagine in a town called Sunny Beach, there are a huge variety of beach and water activities.  As a matter of fact, there are probably more water activities available than you can imagine.  When you’re relaxing on the Black Sea beach, you’ll see plenty of companies offering beach and water activities, enjoy!

Hotel Globus Sunny Beach

Things to do in Sunny Beach - Bulgaria - Hotel Globus Sunny Beach

Hotel Globus is one of the landmarks of Sunny Beach.  It’s located opposite the beach, as a result the higher forward facing rooms have sea views.  This resort features a huge pool with a popular pool bar.  Furthermore, there are games rooms, as well as an onsite restaurant.  For those who like the convenience of eating in, you can book a room half board.  Check out the Hotel Globus Sunny Beach rates.

Sunny Beach Promenade

Things to do in Sunny Beach - Bulgaria - Sunny Beach Promenade

It’s inevitable that you’ll take a walk on the Sunny Beach Bulgaria promenade.  Along the promenade are several souvenir shops, beachwear stores, restaurants, fast food and beach bars.  As I mentioned, Sunny Beach is a party town aimed at younger clientele, for this reason, you’ll see some very strange items on sale.  In addition, there are quite a few tattoo parlors.

Beach Bars

Things to do in Sunny Beach - Bulgaria - Beach Bars

The beach bars are by far the most popular of things to do in Sunny Beach Bulgaria.  If you visit late evening, it’s likely they’ll be packed throughout the night.  In fact, it’s likely they’ll be packed until early morning the next day.  Although the drinks are not the cheapest in town, they are still much cheaper than other resorts in Europe.

Blue Pearl Sunny Beach

Things to do in Sunny Beach - Bulgaria - Blue Pearl Sunny Beach

The Blue Pearl Sunny Beach Bulgaria is an incredibly popular resort in the town.  In fact, it’s located on the beach therefore every sea facing room has a seav view.  Obviously, the higher room, the better the view.  Additionally, this is an all inclusive resort so you won’t go hungry of thirsty.  Read more about the Blue Pearl Sunny Beach and its facilities here.

Sunny Beach Main Strip

Things to do in Sunny Beach - Bulgaria - Main Strip - Flower Street

For most visitors to Sunny Beach, the main strip and nightlife zone is the main reason to visit.  What is the name of the main strip in Sunny Beach?  Flower Street.  Along Flower Street are casinos, bars, discos, nightclubs, fast food restaurants, money exchange and souvenir shops.  If you’re in Sunny Beach Bulgaria then you’ll spend most of your time on this strip.  Be aware, that this area is the most expensive part of the town, even McDonald’s is overpriced.  One piece of advice, money exchange isn’t good value on the strip therefore change your money elsewhere.

LTI Neptun Beach

Things to do in Sunny Beach - Bulgaria - LTI Neptun Beach

The LTI Neptun Beach resort is always a popular option.  It’s adjacent to the beach, only the promenade separates it.  As a result, most of the balcony rooms have stunning Black Sea views.  Moreover, they have views over the huge onsite pool and beach bar.  A fun feature of this hotel is the panoramic elevator, even if you’re not a higher floor it’s worth taking the elevator to the top floor at least once.  Finally, this resort also features an indoor swimming pool.  Read more about the LTI Neptun Hotel and its features here.


Things to do in Sunny Beach - Bulgaria - Pier

The pier is an extension of the main strip of Sunny Beach, Flower Street.  As the resort is east facing, it’s best to visit for sunrise.  Maybe after a long night out in a beach bar or on Flower Street, you can come here to watch the sunrise?

Hotel Astoria Sunny Beach

Things to do in Sunny Beach - Bulgaria - Hotel Astoria Sunny Beach

The Hotel Astoria Sunny Beach is described as an ultra all inclusive resort.  You can eat and drink to your heart’s content, and yes, that includes alcoholic drinks.  What’s more, you can enjoy these alcoholic drinks in the majestic onsite swimming pool.  If you wish to swim in the sea, it’s adjacent to the swimming pool.  However, it seems a shame to leave this beautiful pool!  Read more about the Hotel Astoria Sunny Beach and its facilities here.

Cheapest Bar in Sunny Beach

Things to do in Sunny Beach - Bulgaria - Best Value Bar in Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach Bulgaria is famous for cheap drinks but not everywhere actually sells cheap drinks.  However, the Condor Bar does offer cheap drinks as well as an efficient service.  As a matter of fact the bar is located in the excellent value Condor Hotel.  The hotel itself is not adjacent to the beach but it’s within walking distance of both the beach and Flower Street.  In addition, it features a lovely swimming pool.  The bar offers beers and cocktails which range in price from less than a €1 to €2.  They offer well prepared drinks with friendly service.  I guarantee when you receive your bill, you’ll think you have been undercharged!  Read about the excellent value Condor Hotel which has this excellent value bar.

Iberostar Sunny Beach

Things to do in Sunny Beach - Bulgaria - Iberostar Sunny Beach

Iberostar is a popular resort which is close to the beach.  As a result the higher beach facing rooms have a wonderful view of the Black Sea.  Additionally, this is an all inclusive resort.  What’s more, it features the biggest selection of swimming pools in Sunny Beach Bulgaria.  If relaxing by a pool whilst enjoying drinks is your thing, I strongly recommend this hotel.  Read more about the Iberostar Sunny Beach and its features here.

Luna Park Bulgaria

Things to do in Sunny Beach - Bulgaria - Luna Park Bulgaria

Alongside the promenade walk is Luna Park Bulgaria.  If you’re visiting Sunny Beach with kids or you just want to have a bit of excitement, you must visit this theme park.  Rides include, Dragon Coaster, Pirate Ship, Star Flyer and also the tradition Bumper Cars.  For a full list of activities and prices, visit the Luna Park Bulgaria site.

Day Trip to Nessebar – UNESCO

Things to do in Sunny Beach - Bulgaria - Day trip to UNESCO Nessebar

Nessebar is just a couple of kilometers from Sunny Beach therefore it’s easy to visit.  Additionally, it’s a UNESCO town full of history.  As you enter the town, you’ll pass a rare Black Sea wooden windmill.  In the center, there are picturesque Bulgarian wooden houses.  Of course, you’ll find lots of restaurants and souvenir shops.   Nessebar has a very peaceful feel to it, as a result, you can visit to escape the madness of the Sunny Beach nightlife.

Day Trip to Burgas

Things to do in Sunny Beach - Bulgaria - Day Trip to Burgas

The truth is, when you visit Sunny Beach you’re not seeing the true Bulgaria.  For this reason, a day trip to Burgas is a must to experience the true Bulgaria.  If you take a walk around the city, you’ll see colorful Bulgarian houses, cathedrals as well as parks.  Something famous in Burgas is the Sand Fest where they create Instagram worthy sand sculptures.  Most importantly, on a visit to Burgas you can eat some real Bulgarian food, exactly where the locals do.  Read about Burgas Bulgaria on my travel blog.

Day Trip to Varna

Things to do in Varna Bulgaria - Skeletons wearing gold jewelry

Varna is quite a day trip from Sunny Beach, but it is possible.  However, it’s a 90 minute journey each way.  What is your reward for visiting Varna?  Firstly, you’ll see the true Bulgaria.  Secondly, there is one of the most impressive cathedrals you’ll ever see.  Finally, you can visit the archaeological museum which features skeletons wearing the oldest gold in the world.  Read about the things to do in Varna on my travel blog.

How to get from Sunny Beach to Burgas

Bus from Sunny Beach to Burgas

There are regular buses from Sunny Beach to Burgas which leave from the bus station.  The journey takes less than an hour and stops at Nessebar on the way.  Sit on the left for the best views of the Black Sea and enjoy the ride.

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