Like so many, the global pandemic forced me to cancel my travel plans for 2020.  I had to cancel my trips to USA, Brazil, Algeria as well as a road trip through the Stans.  Nonetheless, I was lucky that I’d already spent 2 months traveling through West Africa.

Anyway, I was stuck in my home town of Skipton, North Yorkshire, also known as the Gateway to the Dales.  As the UK lock down permitted daily exercise I decided to go for a run each day during sunrise.  To my surprise, exploring my home town turned out to be just as rewarding as any travel plans I canceled!

Leeds Liverpool Canal Sunrise

Sunrise over the Leeds Liverpool Canal in Skipton

On a morning with no wind the Leeds Liverpool Canal becomes a mirror.  Add a spectacular sunrise and witness double the beauty.  In addition to the mirror, look out for swans, geese, Canadian geese and ducks as these can enhance the majestic moment.

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Swan Sunrise in the Leeds Liverpool Canal

Swan Sunrise Reflection

Swans are beautiful creatures, even more so when they are posing for the camera.  They can become even more majestic when a sunrise is reflecting in the water beneath them.

Misty Sunrise

Contre Jour Swan Sunrise Reflection in the mist

One particularly cold morning a swan was posing beside the canal.  Not only was the sun rising directly behind him but also mist was also hovering over the water.  As a result I was able to take this surreal contre jour swan sunrise shot.  Definitely worth the early start to the day!  I also posted this on my Instagram page with positive results.

Swan into the Mist

Swan swimming into the mist at sunrise - Leeds Liverpool Canal

During the low light of a cold morning a Yorkshire swan swims alone into the mist.

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Skipton Sunrise

Orange sky illuminates Skipton

It’s a shame most Skipton residents were sleeping when the town was illuminated by this orange Sky

Supermoon 2020 at Sunrise in Skipton

Supermoon 2020 in Skipton

A super moon lit up the skies of Skipton in early April 2020.  In my opinion, this magical event superseded any sunrise I witnessed during this period.

Carriage Lamp at Sunrise

Lampshade at Sunrise in Skipton

Have you ever been outside when it’s too dark for the sensors to turn off the light but you can see without it.  I captured this vintage carriage lamp with the sunrise painting the sky behind it.

Ray of Light in Skipton

Ray of Light in Skipton

Some of the thick bushes along the streets of Skipton create rays of light during the sunrise period.

River Aire Sunrise

Sunrise over the River Aire

The River Aire is a flowing river therefore doesn’t offer the mirror like reflection which the canal does.  However, using an ND filter I was able to create the silky water effect which reflected a colorful sunrise.

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River Aire Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend in River Aire Skipton

Prior to the Covid 19 lock down I had never walked along the banks of the River Aire.  Little did I know how much beauty was on my own doorstep.  This horseshoe bend is the kind of view people would travel from all over the world to see.

River Aire – Lambs at Sunrise

Lambs in the Yorkshire Dales at Sunrise

Visit Yorkshire during Spring and you’re guaranteed to see lambs.  I was taking photos on the banks of the River Aire at sunrise when a nearby lamb became curious.

Carleton Moor near Skipton

Tractor Sunrise in Carleton Skipton

As you head up to the Carleton Moor you will pass several farms.  I passed this tractor as the sun was directly behind it.  I was definitely in the right place at the right time.  Again, this was a good reward for getting up early.

Tree Silhouette at Carleton Moor

Sunrise behind tree from Carleton Moor

A sunrise viewed through tree branches near Carleton Moor.  It looks like the tree branches are alive and holding the sun.

Carriage Lights on Carleton Moor

Sunrise through a Carriage Lamp

Early morning sun shines through an empty carriage light on Carleton moor.

Skipton Moor Sunrise

Sunrise in Skipton Moor

Those who make the steep climb to the top of Skipton Moor early morning may be rewarded with a spectacular sunrise.

Roman Road in Skipton

Skipton Roman Road to Moors

An ancient Roman road connects Skipton to the moors.  However, due to unpredictable Yorkshire weather, a sunrise is not always guaranteed.

Embsay Crag and Reservoir

Embsay Reservoir

On a clear day, Embsay reservoir can be absolutely stunning.  However, I expect it’s better to visit at sunset when the sun is shining onto the crag and reservoir therefore creating a perfect reflection.

Embsay Crag at Sunrise

Embsay Crag at Sunrise

To ascend Embsay Crag certainly gets the heart racing.  But there’s a reward for those who reach the summit.  On a non windy as well as sunny day this view is one of the finest in Yorkshire.

Sharp Haw Sunrise

Sunrise from Sharp Haw Skipton

Lastly, I share the sunrise from a cold morning at Sharp Haw.  It wasn’t a great sunrise from here but a stunning view nonetheless.

Which was your Favorite Sunrise?

Sunrise over Leeds Liverpool Canal Skipton

For me the best sunrises around Skipton are those which reflect in the Leeds Liverpool canal.  Let me know your favorites in the comments.