If one wishes to visit the Suspended Lake in Nigeria I recommend you stay in Ibadan.  From Ibadan you must hire a private car directly to Ado Awaiye.  As you drive into Ado Awaiye there’s a sign pointing you left towards Ado Hill.  The drive from Ibadan to Ado Hill is around 90 minutes on a paved road the whole way.  First, I’ll share a few Suspended Lake facts, then I’ll share my experience on a day trip to the Suspended Lake from Ibadan.

Iyake Lake Facts

Iyake Lake Facts

Here are a few Iyake Lake, Suspended Lake of Nigeria facts:

  • Only suspended lake in Africa
  • One of only two suspended lakes in the world (Other is in Colorado)
  • One of the seven wonders of Nigeria
  • You must hike Ado Hill to reach the lake (25 minutes)
  • Rumoured the lake is bottomless and swallows anyone who tries to measure its depth
  • Iyake Lake is a top Instagram spot in Nigeria

Visitor Centre

How to get to the Suspended Lake Nigeria?

Before ascending Ado Hill you must buy an admission ticket and you may also check out displays in the Visitor Centre.  Maybe you could pose for Instagram pictures in front of the street art?  How much does it cost to climb Ado Hill and visit the Suspended Lake of Africa?  Officially, the price is 500 Naira but you may have to negotiate and may not get an official receipt.

Ado Hill Walk

Ado Hill Climb - Iyake Lake

The path begins beside a Welcome to Ado Hill boulder.  You’ll be ascending several steps and steep paths to the summit.

How Steep and Long is the Walk?

Ado Hill Walk

Although an easy if somewhat uphill hike, be aware of the Nigerian heat.  I recommend you have plenty of water with you, you’ll need it.  At an easy pace, you should reach the Suspended Lake in around 25 minutes.  Run up and you’ll be there in 10 minutes!

Obalufon Cave

Obalufon Cave, Ado Hill

As you climb Ado Hill, you can make a brief detour to Obalufon Cave.

Ado Awaiye

Ado Awaiye, Nigeria

Take time to catch your breath as you take in the aerial view of Ado Awaiye.  Oyo State is known for its brown rooftops.

Ishage Rock

Shaggy Rock, Ado Hill

Whenever the towns people need rain, the chief priest goes up Ado Hill and prays.  Afterwards it should rain for days.  Additionally, women who wish to become pregnant also visit Ishage Rock.

Viewpoint of Other Hills

Oyo State, Nigeria

The stunning panoramic views of the surrounding hills gives you a good excuse to stop and catch your breath as you climb Ado Hill.

Iyake Lake Instagram Shot

Iyake Lake Instagram Shot

The path flattens off at the top and you’ll soon be at your destination, the only suspended lake in Africa, Iyake Lake.  What a unique location to pose for an Instagram shot.

Aerial View of Iyake Suspended Lake, Ado Hill

Aerial View of Iyake Suspended Lake, Ado Hill

What does Iyake Suspended Lake look like from above?  You can see the rock formation it lays in.  What’s more, the water appears green from above.  Is this really the bottomless lake people have claimed it to be in the past.

Relax and Enjoy the View from the Suspended Lake

View from atop Ado Hill, Oyo State Nigeria

Wander over to the cliff edge and sit down to enjoy the natural views.  If you’re visiting on a day trip from Lagos, these green views will be something to treasure before heading back!  Thankfully the descent back to the Visitor Centre is much easier than coming up.  You should be back down in 15 minutes at a leisurely pace.

Return to Ibadan

When I returned to Ibadan there seemed to be no traffic and the journey went by much quicker than coming out.  Enjoy your visit to the only suspended lake in Africa and one of the seven wonders of Nigeria.

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