It’s that time of year again when everyone is looking to squeeze a sneaky holiday in before the school holidays are over and the nice weather disappears in an instant, but when you’re a dog owner – as many of us are – you might find it a little more difficult to just drop things and head for the hills.  You’ve got to find somewhere for your 4-legged friend to stay for the week or weekend, or even check them into a boarding kennel, which can be costly depending on the options around you.  But what if you could skip all this and take your dog away with you?  You could avoid those kennel fees and be able to give your pet some well-earned rest too!  To assist you, we’ve compiled some of the top things you need to consider before you take your dog away, as well as our tips on how to make the trip as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Location, Location, Location

Finding the right place for your dog-friendly holiday is probably the most important aspect of your planning – you need to find a hotel that offers you the facilities that you need, as well as surroundings that’ll keep you occupied and entertained throughout your holiday.  Heading up to the Lake District is a great choice – there’s an abundance of dog-central towns in the area, with hotels that accommodate to your needs and give you the perfect place from which to explore.  Covering a selection of the hottest tourist destinations in the Lakes, Lake District Hotels provide you with a few different accommodation options for you, the family, and your dog, so finding where to stay is a doddle.

In more practical terms, it’s important to check the local areas for an out-of-hours emergency vet, dog-friendly attractions, and restaurants and café’s where you’ll be able to relax without having to worry about finding somewhere that lets the pooch in.

What to Pack

Making sure that you remember to take everything your dog will need is really important as it helps them to settle into the unfamiliar territory that little bit easier, so they’re a happy, bubbly addition to the holiday as opposed to a timid, scared little pup longing for his bed in their own house.  Packing something that smells like home such as a blanket or teddy to place in their bed will help your dog feel more relaxed in the new setting, so if possible, be sure to pack those.

For when you’re out and about, try to keep your dog on a lead around those new and unfamiliar roads of your chosen holiday town, and only let them off the lead in areas where it is safe to do so and you can always keep them in sight.  If you’re planning on taking your dog for night-time walks, an LED collar will allow you and other dog walkers identify where your dog is at all times, so they never get lost or cause any trouble.  Having your dog microchipped is also important, so in the unfortunate event of losing your dog, there’s more chance of him being identified and returned to you.

With a little bit of thought and planning, it’s really easy to take your dog away on holiday with you and they can make a really interesting and memorable addition to your trip, so maybe think twice about leaving your dog in a boarding kennel this summer and find a dog-friendly hotel in the Lake District!