Tarifa Spain is the southernmost point of continental Europe.  As a matter of fact, it’s so far south that you can see Africa!  Things to do in Tarifa Spain include;

  • Tarifa Castle
  • Meeting point of the Atlantic and Mediterranean
  • Historic Center of Tarifa
  • Kitesurfing
  • Day Trip to Gibraltar
  • Ferry from Tarifa to Tangier

There are lots of hotels in Tarifa therefore you’ll easily find one for your budget.

Tarifa Castle

Tarifa Spain - Tarifa Castle

The historic center of Tarifa is dominated by the 10th century castle.  There’s a small fee to enter but it’s worth it to explore this historic castle.  A bonus is that you can gaze over the Strait of Gibraltar to the mountains and small towns of nearby Morocco.

Gaze over to another Continent

Tarifa Spain - Gaze over to Africa

Tarifa is around 15 kilometers from the African continent therefore you can see it clearly on most days.  They also have information boards showing you the African skyline as well as exactly which towns and mountains you’re looking at.

Meeting Point of the Mediterranean and Atlantic

Tarifa Spain - Meeting Point of the Mediterranean and Atlantic

There is a walkway which goes out from Tarifa splitting the Atlantic Ocean to the west from the Mediterranean Sea to the East.  It’s a unique walk and one you must take when in Tarifa.  As a matter of fact there are markers which show exactly which side is which.  In addition, there’s also a map showing you’re in the southernmost point of continental Europe.  Lastly, a photo with these signs is a must for the Instagram feed!

Historic Center

Tarifa Spain - Historic Center

In the historic center of Tarifa there are narrow streets full of bars and restaurants.  In addition, are several picturesque and colorful Spanish buildings.  It’s worth aimlessly strolling through the streets, either to take the perfect photo or discover a hidden restaurant.


Tarifa Spain - Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is an incredibly popular activity in Tarifa.  The reason being that they have the perfect wind and rough seas where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean.  If you’re interested in this sport, there’s a popular kitesurfing school which gives lessons.  Did you know Western Sahara is also popular for kitesurfing?

Day Trip to Gibraltar

Things to do in Gibraltar - The Rock of Gibraltar

Gibraltar is only an hour away from Tarifa therefore it makes a good day trip.  Simply take one of the regular buses which leave from Tarifa to La Linea de Concepcion and walk over the border.  There are a lot of things to do in Gibraltar including the famous rock of Gibraltar as well as the apes, caves and several cultural British icons.

Ferry from Tarifa to Tangier, Morocco

FRS ferry service from Tarifa to Tanger Ville - €37 one wayFRS ferry service from Tarifa to Tanger Ville – €37 one way

The Tarifa ferry port to Tanger-ville is adjacent to both the historic center and Tarifa Castle.  As a result it’s very easy to take a day trip to Tangier.  You can take the FRS ferry service to Tanger-Ville, Morocco which takes 1 hour.  As a result of the time difference you’ll arrive at the same time as you set off.  Importantly, you get your Morocco entry stamp on the ferry, so be sure to keep an eye out for the immigration officials.

How to get from Tangier Port to the Tanger-Ville Train Station

Tangier, Morocco

Firstly, Tangier port is opposite the Medina therefore if you’re visiting for a day trip you can easily walk.  If however, you’re transferring directly to Tangier train station you must take a taxi.  There’ll be many taxi drivers waiting outside the port who will happily take you to the train station.  The cost should be about 10-20 Dirhams.  You may not have any Dirhams but they’ll gladly accept a 1 or 2 Euro coin but agree the fare first!  If you have a long time to wait for your train, I recommend waiting in the nearby air conditioned shopping mall or McDonald’s.

How to get from Tangier to Rabat

ONCF train service from Tangier to Rabat - 101 Dirhams

ONCF train service from Tangier to Rabat – 101 Dirhams

I took the ONCF train from Tanger-ville to Rabat-ville which took about 4 hours.  I chose the second class carriage even though the price was not much more for first class.  The main difference is you don’t get an elected seat on 2nd class but Tangier is the start of the line anyway.  The carriage in second class has 2 by 2 seats, compared with a compartment for 6 people 3 each side facing each other on first class.  Both classes have air conditioning.  Finally, I noticed on the journey that they are making new tracks and I saw lots of modern trains not far from Tanger-ville station.  It looks like they are modernizing the service, so this train may be outdated by the time you read this.

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