For adventurous travellers fond of riding a motorbike, nothing can compare to the thrill of exploring a new place on two wheels.  An epic motorbiking trip into some of the world’s most incredible destinations will leave you with travel memories to treasure for the rest of your life.  So, if you’re searching for your next big adventure but aren’t sure where to jumpstart your journey, refer below for a list of the best destinations for motorbiking adventures.

1. United Kingdom

The UK may not always come up on the list of the best destinations for motorbiking adventures, but it has some of the world’s best routes.  You only need to know where to search them.  You’ll be surprised to find numerous incredible riding routes around England, Scotland, and Wales.  Although the unpredictable weather can spoil your adventure, if you plan well, you will be rewarded with a wealth of stunning roadside scenery and rich history that make the UK an exciting place to explore on two wheels.

The Gospel Pass offers a hair-raising adventure through the Brecon Beacons.  Considered the highest road pass in Wales, your journey will take you from Abergavenny to Hay-on-Wye on a thrilling 22-mile motorbike run.  You will start in Abergavenny before driving through the Vale of Ewyas, where you follow the signs for Llanthony Priory until you reach the Gospel Pass, sitting 1800 feet above sea level.

England’s Snake Pass Loop is another famous route for motorbiking enthusiasts.  It’s in the Peak District and begins in the lovely town of Glossop.  You first head east through the Snake Pass, giving you stunning views of the Peak District, especially as you reach the Snake Pass Summit at 1,680 feet above sea level.

2. Ireland

With incredible history, rugged roads, and beautiful landscapes, Ireland offers some of Europe’s most stunning motorbike rides.  The Emerald Isle is a fantastic location for those who enjoy exploring on two wheels.  Whether you want to take in the Atlantic Ocean Views or ride through the lush green hills, Ireland has exciting road trips waiting for you.

While the Wild Atlantic Way and the Ring of Kerry are two of the most scenic roads in Ireland, the Ring of Beara is a fantastic option to consider, taking you on a short 118-mile journey towards the Wild Atlantic Way.  It’s ideal for those looking for a remote and less popular biking route.  Starting in the small town of Kenmare, it takes about an entire day to conquer.

If you love the wildlife, consider the Irish Island route.  At 1,000 kilometres, the week-long motorbike road allows you to delve deeper into Ireland’s island life, taking you towards Achill Island, the Aran Islands, and the mystical Skellig Islands.  Stop by some seafood restaurants along the way, discover the island’s local culture, and marvel at the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.  The peaceful roads of the west coast will make this motorbike journey scenic and relaxing.

3. Portugal

Portugal is one of Europe’s most spectacular motorbiking destinations.  With warm weather all year round, it’s a country you can explore any season.  One of the reasons Portugal is a popular motorbiking destination is it’s hosting this year’s Grand Prix motorcycle racing or the MotoGP.  If you’re watching the event, you can purchase tickets for the MotoGP in Portugal, perfect for motorbike enthusiasts.

Portugal offers a little bit of everything, from stunning coastlines with beautiful sandy beaches to majestic mountains and mouth-watering cuisine.  You’d be able to experience all these on your motorbike adventure.

One of the most scenic routes starts in Porto and ends in the Douro Valley.  It’s 27 kilometres long and features some of the most spectacular twists and turns, not to mention incredible views! Make the most of your journey by riding along the Douro riverbanks, taking advantage of the various off-road tracks if you fancy a thrilling ride.  You can expect a jaw-dropping ride, especially as you reach the Douro, one of the world’s most beautiful wine regions.  Of course, don’t miss the opportunity to stop by some wineries to sample the region’s famous fortified wine, port wine.

4. Croatia

Croatia is a fabulous place to explore on two wheels. It’s home to historic cities and picturesque islands with incredible roads, endless curves, and fantastic asphalt roads.  Driving along the Adriatic Sea’s sparkling sea is an experience you’ll never forget, and the twisty scenic roads will leave you craving more.

The road along the Adriatic coast is the prettiest route in Croatia. Officially called D8, it connects Rijeka to Dubrovnik.  It’s a fun ride, with plenty of fantastic places to stop and marvel at stunning coastal views.  The 347-mile route takes around four hours, depending on your pace and the stops you make.  You’ll pass through some of Croatia’s top attractions, such as the Paklenica National Park and Krka National Park, so you may want to spend overnight at some hotels to make the most of the journey.

You will find many campgrounds along the way, so you may want to stay at these places for a more exciting motorbiking adventure.  These campgrounds are open throughout summer, and it is best to book in advance, especially if you’re travelling during the peak season.

5. Italy

Your motorbiking adventure to Italy will take you through spectacular coastal routes, high mountain passes, and twisty country roads, with the opportunity to venture into picturesque villages and discover history, culture, and mouth-watering cuisine.

The Amalfi coast is a fantastic choice if you prefer riding your motorbike along the coast.  It’s world-renowned for offering the most epic road trips and is a joy to explore on two wheels.  The route is twisty and narrow, making it even more exciting.  It’s a 50-km stretch of colourful cliffside villages, deep turquoise seas, and idyllic sandy beaches along the south of Italy.

Be sure to stop by along the scenic viewpoints or spend overnight in one of the hotels along the Amalfi Coast.  It’s also worth spending a day exploring the stunning place, home to gorgeous buildings, including the Amalfi Cathedral.