A Luxury Vacation in Barcelona

You have worked hard all spring and want to treat yourself to some well-deserved pampering during vacation time in the summer.  A little bit of well-deserved luxury that will enable you to have some much needed rest and recharge your batteries for fall.  One perfect option for this would be to head to the fabulous city of Barcelona, only spending your time indulging in pure luxury.  Everything will be decadent, from your choice of accommodation to what you will spend your time doing as well as where you choose to eat and drink.  One possible way to treat yourself would be to look at options for holiday apartments in Barcelona beach.  This way you could combine the luxury feeling of waking up every morning close to the beach, spending the day soaking up the sun and eating some of the local delicious tapas available.  In addition to waking up in your very own luxury beach apartment, you could also create your own personal luxury bucket list of things to experience while visiting the magnificent city of Barcelona.  Below, you will find a few suggestions to peak your interest, as well as where to look to find the best alternative for luxury beach apartments in Barcelona.

The Perfect Accommodation

At Lugaris.com you will find the best luxury beach apartments in Barcelona.  Located close to Poblenou beach, the apartment complexes offer proximity one of Barcelona’s many beach alternatives, but is also located close enough to the city centre to be able to provide comfortable transportation options.  At the apartment complex it’s possible to indulge in various leisure activities during the summer months or simply enjoy staying close enough to the beach that it is only a short walk to access the fabulous water.  Each apartment is fully equipped with all the modern appliances that you might need as well as luxurious, spacious living areas.  There are units designed to house various living arrangements.  Meaning it is possible to live comfortably here if you are bringing your family, your partner, a business colleague or if you are travelling on your own.  Lugaris offers alternatives suitable for everyone and all you have to do is decide which unit will best accommodate your own needs.  It really is a luxurious feeling, having a home away from home when exploring the magical destination that is Barcelona.  Now, that you have your living arrangement sorted out with the help of Lugaris, it’s time to start working on that bucket list of luxury.

A luxury Bucket List in Barcelona

1.  Start already when arriving in Barcelona by ordering an airport pick-up service to drive you the location of the beach apartments.  This way you are able to start relaxing from the very beginning.  Leaving all worry behind and simply enjoy the feeling of being on vacation.  Have a rest or take in the sights outside the window on you drive to the beach.
2. Being close to the beach offers the opportunity to treat yourself to another luxury option, booking a spot on a private sailing boat.  The captain included in the experience will make sure that it is indeed a smooth sailing and there is nothing left for you to do but sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.
3. Another experience that scream luxury is treating yourself to a day at the spa.  Especially since the entire idea with the vacation in Barcelona is to make sure that you relax and take care of yourself, spending some time at a local spa fits perfectly into this picture.
4. Sign up for a wine tasting tour.  Catalan wines are famously delicious and there is just something decadent about spending the day, sipping wine and soaking up the atmosphere.
5. Along the same lines are treating yourself to a great cocktail experience.  Barcelona has some of the world’s best bars offering beautiful and tasty alternatives.
6. Even though cooking for yourself might not be the most luxurious thing to do, it can be.  Learn how to create sensual paella or tapas and you will find that there is something exquisite to discover about cooking.
7. You should also definitely aim to explore more of Barcelona’s food scene, now we are talking about the food you don’t prepare yourself.  Packed with fantastic restaurants and stunning food experiences, Barcelona’s food culture is epic and a must for any visitor in the city.
8. No luxury bucket list covering Barcelona would be complete without mentioning shopping.  The city has a huge offering of different well-known brands as well as local rarities.
9. Living by the water provides you with exposure to one element.  Another luxury item on the list is to treat yourself to another element booking a helicopter tour of the city.  The stunning view that is provided will create memories for a lifetime.
10. The final luxury experience is booking your spot at a champagne sunset tour.  It is as incredible as it sounds and it will be the perfect ending to a spectacular luxury Barcelona experience.