Curacao is an Island off the coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean, the capital is Willemstad.  Things to do in Curacao;

  • Central Willemstad
  • Cruise Ship Welcome
  • Fort Amsterdam
  • Queen Juliana Bridge
  • Curacao Beaches
  • Christoffel National Park
  • Little Curacao and Klein Lighthouse

In Willemstad you’ll find tours to see the things to do in Curacao.  Alternatively, you can hire a car to explore the Island.

Central Willemstad

Things to do in Curacao - Willemstad

Curaçao is a Caribbean Island, which was formally part of the Netherlands Antilles.  The main town, Willemstad, is very lively and colorful.  As a result, you’ll really feel like you’re in the Caribbean.  This small town used to be the capital city of the Netherlands Antilles up until 2010 when, along with Sint Maarten, Curacao became an independent country.  The Netherlands Antilles were several Caribbean Islands including:

  • The Windwards Islands – Saba, Sint Eustatius and Sint Maarten
  • Leeward Islands – Bonaire and Curacao

A visit to Curaçao is a visit to another country and of course, another country to tick off your list.  Notice that Aruba is not on the list because Aruba separated from the Netherlands Antilles in 1986.


D-Tour X – Cruise Ship Welcome

Things to do in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles - Curaçao welcome band D-Tour X.

D-Tour X were playing live in the cruise port, welcoming the cruise ship passengers to the Island.  They are a great local percussion band, who mix several genres including Samba, Merengue and Salsa with the local sound of Tumba.  If you are interested, you can go to Curacao or you could have a listen to them on YouTube!

Fort Amsterdam

Things to do in Curacao - Fort Amsterdam, Willemstad

Other than beaches, Curacao offers quite a lot of history.  In 1636 Fort Amsterdam was built by Dutch soldiers and Angolan Slaves.  Originally all inhabitants of Willemstad lived in the fort, but over the years the town has grown and spread out around it.  Additionally, the historic center of Willemstad is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Queen Juliana Bridge

Be sure to check out the Queen Juliana Bridge as this is the tallest bridge in the Caribbean.  If you’ve arrived by cruise ship it’s likely you’re parked right next to this iconic bridge.

Curacao Sign

Things to do in Curacao - Sign

Whilst exploring the colorful Willemstad, keep your eye open for the Curacao sign.  A photo with the sign is necessary to let your friends back home know you’re in Curacao.

Curacao Beaches

Things to do in Curacao - Beaches

Of course Curacao is an island in the Caribbean therefore there are several beaches.  The beaches on the Island are less built up than those of Aruba because they don’t have the huge resorts here.  Well, they do have resorts, but not on the huge scale of Aruba.  In Curacao you’ll find more natural beaches.  By natural beaches, I mean beaches without a road and promenade behind them, but with palm trees and forest.  Finally, it’s possible to organise a tour to a beautiful beach resort from Willemstad.


Christoffel National Park

Things to do in Curacao - Christoffel National Park

Christoffel National Park is the place to go hiking in Curacao.  The highest peak is 378 meters and from there you have wonderful views over the island as well as the Caribbean.  For this reason, Christoffel National Park is one of the top Curacao Instagram spots.  Lastly, it’s possible to visit Christoffel National Park on a jeep tour.

Little Curacao and Klein Lighthouse

Things to do in Curacao - Little Curacao and Klein Lighthouse

Little Curacao is also known as Klein Curacao.  As you would imagine it’s a small island off Curacao.  It features quiet beaches which are like a paradise.  Furthermore, the centerpiece of the island is the Instagram worthy Klein Lighthouse.  You can visit Little Curacao on a private tour from the main island.

How to get from Curacao to Panama City

Pullmantur Cruise

Pullmantur Cruise Ship

The next and final stop on this Pullmantur cruise is Colon, Panama, the cruise port of Panama City.  I could stay on the ship and go back to Cartagena, Colombia.  However, I need to carry on the journey from the other side of the Darien Gap.  I am now officially leaving South America and entering the small countries of Central America.

Panama City to San Jose