Gouda is a city in The Netherlands which is world famous for its cheese.  Things to do in Gouda Netherlands;

  • The best Gouda cheese in the world (I can confirm this!)
  • Gouds Kaashuis Cheese Shop
  • Gouda Town hall (Stadhuis)
  • Gouda cheese museum
  • Traditional Dutch Bike and Canal photography
  • Red Lion Windmill

You can easily visit Gouda on a day trip from Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and even Amsterdam but if you want to stay overnight there are several good value hotels.

The Best Gouda Cheese in the World

Things to do in Gouda - The Best Gouda Cheese in the World

The reason I visited Gouda was to check out the cheese and that’s probably the reason you’ll visit too.  In the main square of downtown Gouda you’ll find a famous Gouda cheese shop called Gouds Kaashuis.  You can try any of the cheeses in there and whichever cheese you want they can vacuum pack it to go. Cheese is allowed in your check in luggage and keeps for up to 3 months.

Gouds Kaashuis Cheese Shop

Gouda Netherlands - Gouds Kaashuis cheese shop

In the Gouds Kaashuis cheese shop you’ll find a lot more than cheese.  In addition to cheese are Gouda inspired souvenirs.  You’ll even see a Gouda version of the famous monopoly board game!

Gouda Pronunciation

I have disagreed with my Dad for years on the pronunciation of ‘Gouda’.  However, I discovered that both of us were pronouncing it incorrectly.  The correct Gouda cheese pronunciation is best explained as follows; The drink Mojito has the Spanish J, so pronounced ‘Mohito’ with a hard h.  Gouda is also pronounced with a hard H in place of the G.  ‘How-duh’ with a hard H.  I doubt anybody other than the Dutch have been pronouncing Gouda correctly.  In fact, if I went into a shop in England correctly pronouncing Gouda they wouldn’t understand me anyway!

Town Hall

Gouda Netherlands - Old Town Hall

If you came to Gouda for the cheese then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find such a stunning building in the market square, Gouda Town Hall.  This is the oldest Gothic Town Hall in The Netherlands and dates back to 15th century.  You are allowed to take photos through the front door of the Town Hall if you wish.  On market days which are every Thursday during Summer months you’ll find the famous Gouda cheese market surrounding this building.  The market square is surrounded with restaurants so foodies can try something other than cheese!

Gouda Museum

The Gouda museum is interesting and includes artwork from the region as well as pottery.

Canals of Gouda Netherlands

Gouda Netherlands - Canals and houses

Gouda is a small city and you can easily walk everywhere.  There are a few canals in the city and lots of traditional Dutch style houses so plenty of photograph opportunities.  You’ll come across lots of Dutch bikes to photograph too.

Red Lion Windmill

Gouda Netherlands - Red Lion Windmill

Gouda is the home to a traditional Dutch windmill called the Red Lion Windmill.  If you haven’t seen or photographed a traditional Dutch windmill yet then Gouda is an easy place to do it.  As a matter of fact, there’s a canal in front of the windmill, as a result you can get a wonderful reflection photo of it.  The best place to see windmills in The Netherlands is the UNESCO site of Kinderdijk close to Rotterdam.

Traditional Dutch Bikes

Gouda Netherlands - Dutch Bikes at Gouda Train Station

Outside of Gouda Train Station you’ll find hundreds of bikes, imagine coming home from work and having to find your bike where hundreds are parked!  Finally, you’ll see them parked all over the city and they make both wonderful and colorful photos.

How to get from Gouda to Utrecht

Train from Gouda to Utrecht

There are regular trains at Gouda train station to Utrecht.  The journey time is less than an hour.  Additionally, there are also regular services to all over The Netherlands, it’s incredibly easy to visit Gouda on a day trip!

Utrecht to Amsterdam