Gozo is a small Island north of Malta.  It’s 90 km from Italy and it’s possible to see Sicily on a clear day.  Things to do in Gozo include;

  • Azure Window
  • Ggantija Temples UNESCO site
  • Victoria
  • Old prison and citadel
  • Wied il-Ghasri
  • Salt pans
  • Marsalforn Bay
  • San Blas Bay

Gozo is much quieter and peaceful than Malta.  I also found the best beaches were also on Gozo, hotels are much cheaper too!  The nearby Island of Comino is home of the Blue Lagoon of Malta.

Azure Window

Things to do in Gozo - Azure Window (after)

The Azure Window was the iconic landmark of Gozo but it collapsed in a storm.  However, the area is still an Instagram worthy location in Gozo.  You can take a boat ride out to the former Azure Window and go inside the sea caverns.  The water in this area is deep blue, similar to that of the Blue Grotto on Malta Island.  The difference being there are less tourists here and the boat ride is much cheaper (€4).  Additionally, the Azure Window is a beautiful sunset location on Gozo Island.

Ggantija Temples UNESCO site

Things to do in Gozo - The Ggantija Temples UNESCO site

The Ggantija Temples are known in English as the Giants Tower.  Along with a few other megalithic temples located in Malta, these are a UNESCO site.  The structure is the second oldest man made structure in the world.  Being at least 5500 years old the temples are older than Stonehenge as well as the Pyramids of Giza.


Things to do in Gozo - The streets of Victoria

Victoria is the capital city of Gozo.  It’s much quieter than most cities in Malta and the hotels are a lot cheaper too.  Most people base themselves in Malta and visit Gozo.  I think basing yourself in Gozo and visiting Malta would be a lot better value.  Finally, the streets of Victoria are definitely Instagram worthy locations in Gozo.

Victoria Old Prison and Citadel

Things to do in Gozo - Old Prison and Citadel, Victoria

During my visit to Malta, the Citadel of Victoria was by far the most interesting and well kept.  The Citadel is visible from everywhere in Victoria so there is no excuse to get lost.  From the walls you’ll see wonderful views of Victoria and the surrounding countryside.  Additionally, there’s a lot to photograph within the citadel too.  Inside the citadel is a cathedral, prison, law courts, gardens, cannons, bastions, fortified walls, restaurants and shops.  Those who enjoy making Instagram worthy shots will enjoy exploring this perfectly maintained Citadel.

Wied il-Ghasri

Things to do in Gozo - Wied il-Ghasri canyon

Those visiting Gozo to dive will love the Wied il-Ghasri as there are several underwater caves located there.  You can swim in the green water and it’s much quieter than the Blue Lagoon.  In the surrounding valley you can take a walk on the marked trail, I wouldn’t recommend it in the hot summer though!  For me, Wied il-Ghasri is the most beautiful location in Gozo.

Salt Pans

Things to do in Gozo - Salt Pans

Along 3 km of the northern Gozo coastline, you’ll see salt pans.  These salt pans are over 350 years old.  If you’re lucky you may see the locals collecting the salt crystals from the pans.  Moreover, the salt pans definitely make for unique Instagram shots!

Marsalforn Bay

Things to do in Gozo - Marsalforn Bay

Like Wied il-Ghasri, Marsalforn Bay is another wonderful alternative to the Blue Lagoon.  In fact, the waters are equally as colorful but you’ll probably have them to yourself.  Marsalforn is a quiet little town in the north of Gozo.  You’ll find a few restaurants and shops in Marsalforn.  It is said that on a clear day you can see Sicily from Gozo.  I’m guessing that from the hill in the picture (above) would be a good location to potentially view Sicily.

San Blas Bay

Things to do in Gozo - San Blas Bay

San Blas Bay is a quiet rocky beach area in north eastern Gozo.  The walk down to the beach is pretty steep which makes for a good leg workout on the return.  From San Blas Bay, the surrounding views of the bay and cliffs are beautiful.   Most importantly, there’s also a friendly restaurant serving drinks and snacks but beware of the wasps!

How to travel to Malta from Gozo

Blue Lagoon, Malta - viewed from the Malta Gozo ferry

There is a major point of interest you’ll see on the ferry from the Gozo to the Cirkewwa terminal in Malta.  On the left hand side of the ferry you’ll see the Blue Lagoon of Malta on Comino Island.  The ferry from Gozo to Cirkewwa costs less than €5.  You can easily organize a boat to Comino from either the Gozo or Cirkewwa ferry terminals.  Additionally, every major town in Malta offers a boat tour to the Blue Lagoon.

Once you get back to Malta you’ll find a bus terminal right outside the Cirkewwa ferry terminal.  From this terminal you’ll find buses to most destinations in Malta.

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