Hanover Germany is one of Europe’s hidden gems.  Here are a few things to do in Hannover;

  • Hannover New Town Hall
  • Old Town
  • Marktkirche
  • Hannover 96
  • Kropcke
  • Hannover Train Station
  • Herrenhausen Gardens and Allee
  • Telemax Tower
  • Street Art
  • Sprengel Museum
  • Marienburg Castle
  • Where to eat in Hannover

Hotels in Hannover are excellent value, therefore expect to find a good deal.  Nearby the train station is an excellent location.  Moreover, there’s a red line that runs around the city of Hanover and if you follow this line it will take you past all the famous sites of the city.  You can pick this red line up from outside the train station.

1. Hannover New Town Hall

Explore the Gardens

Hannover New Town Hall is a stunning building which is stunning from every angle.  In fact from the rear side of the town hall you’ll find a reflection pool which offers unreal reflections.  What’s more, the surrounding park is a good place to relax on a lovely day.  Read why Hannover New Town Hall is a top Instagram spot in Europe on my Travel Blog.

Hannover Town Hall Interior

Spiral Staircase at Hannover New Town Hall

Entry to Hannover New Town Hall is free and the interior is arguably more beautiful than its exterior.  For this reason it should be on top of your list of things to do in Hannover.  See more Hannover New Town Hall photography.

2. Old Town Hannover

Old Town Hannover

The historic old town of Hanover is full of both colorful as well as traditional German style buildings.  Many of these colorful buildings are now shops, cafes, bars or restaurants therefore I encourage you to view their interiors.  A restaurant I must recommend is Broyhanhaus.  Broyanhaus serves typical German food in a typical German building.  Finally, the majority of colorful buildings are on Kramerstrasse and also Ballhofplatz.

3. Marktkirche


Marktkirche in English means Church of the Marketplace.  This is a Gothic church and also the southernmost example of North German Gothic churches.  Marktkirche was built in the 14th century and as you’d imagine it was severely damaged during the second World War.  It was fully restored in 1953 as a top point of interest of the city.  Marktkirche is visible from almost anywhere in the city therefore a good marker if you get lost.  More importantly, as a backdrop it can enhance any photos you take of other Hannover attractions.  Lastly, it’s free to go inside the church and make sure you pay attention to the incredible detail.

4. Hannover 96

Hannover 96 Stadium Facts - HDI Arena

Did you know Hannover was twice a World Cup host city?  Both in 1974 and 2006 in the modern Hannover 96 stadium.  Check if they’re playing when you’re in town.  Alternatively, visit for a stadium tour.  Read more about the Hannover 96 stadium on my Travel Blog.

5. Kropcke

Kropcke, - things to do in Hannover Germany

Kropcke is the center of modern Hannover and feature a popular monument called the Kropcke clock.  Kropcke pedestrian zone is packed with shops, restaurants, markets, kiosks, cafes and bars.  What’s more there’s an open air passage which connects it to the main train station.  As you’d imagine this is also packed with shops and take away food.

6. Hannover Train Station

Things to do in Hannover

Firstly, the statue in front of the train station is Ernst-August.  He is in fact, the uncle of Queen Victoria.  The horse is a popular meeting spot and Germans will often arrange to meet under the tail.  As you would imagine, the train station was almost completely destroyed during the war.  As a result, it’s become a beautifully restored, advanced train station.

7. Herrenhausen Gardens

Golden Gates Instagram Spot in Hannover Germany

Herrenhausen Gardens are Hannover’s answer to the Gardens of Versailles.  Simply put, no visit to Hannover is complete without visiting here.  Both Herrenhausen Gardens as well as the Sea Life Aquarium opposite are a short tram ride from the center.  Lastly, a short U Bahn ride in the other direction will take you to Hanover Zoo.

Herrenhauser Allee

Herrenhausen Allee

You can take the tram to Herrenhausen Gardens but I recommend you walk.  There’s a kilometer long royal path called Herrenhauser Allee.  Herrenhauser Allee was built exclusively for royalty but today it’s a park open to the public.  It leads directly from the center to the gates of Herrenhausen Palace.  See more of my original photography from Herrenhausen Gardens.

8. Telemax Telecom Tower

Telemax Telecom Tower

Behind the train station is the famous Telemax Telecom Tower of Hanover.  It’s the fifth tallest TV tower in Germany.  Unfortunately, you cannot ascend it for panoramic views.  It does however, make a wonderful backdrop for a photo.

9. Street Art

street art in hannover germany

One of the top things to do in Hannover is search for street art.  Even more so for those who love Instagram photography as there are many colorful walls to pose against.  In actual fact, the majority of street art is located in nearby North Linden.  Nonetheless you’ll discover plenty dotted around central Hannover.  Read about the top Instagram spots in Hannover.

10. Sprengel Museum

Things to do in Hannover - Museums

Hannover is home to several museums.  I highly recommend the Sprengel Museum which features many modern art exhibitions.  Not only is this a fascinating insight into art but it’s also a large museum fully of highly Instagram worthy locations.  Check the Sprengel Museum site to see which exhibitions are on when you’re in town.  Lastly, after your visit why not try the onsite Bell ARTE restaurant.

11. Marienburg Castle

Queen's Library - Marienburg Castle

Marienburg Castle is an hour but worthwhile trip from Hannover.  This is Hannover’s version of the Neuschwanstein Castle near Munich.  I agree, the exterior is not as striking but the interior is one of the most beautiful castles you’ll ever visit.  What’s more, Marienburg Castle doesn’t receive a huge amount of tourists so you could be in this place all alone.  Perfect for those memorable pictures.  View my original photography from both the exterior as well as the interior Marienburg Castle rooms

12. Where to Eat in Hannover

Restaurants in Hannover Germany

Twelfth on my list of things to do in Hannover are its restaurants.  I dined in 3 excellent restaurants which I must share with you.  Firstly, is Broyhanhaus on Kramerstrasse in the middle of Old Town Hannover.  Broyanhaus serve delicious German dishes in a historic Hannover building.  Secondly, is Bell ARTE restaurant which serves Italian dishes in the Sprengal Museum.  Finally, last but not least is Reimanns Eck which serves delicious German dishes including the one pictured above.

How to travel from Hannover to Warsaw

Train to Warsaw

I took an overnight Flixbus to Berlin, stayed in Berlin for 2 nights before taking a 6 hour express train direct to Warsaw for €46.  As Poland is part of the Schengen community there is no border control between Germany and Poland.  Still there is a chance you’ll have your passport checked so have it close by.  Enjoy your trip.

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