Adventure travel isn’t just about cycling the rural and rough terrain, trekking the mountains or climbing majestic peaks, it is about experiencing the world from a different perspective.  Many adventure lovers today prefer to go on an adventure trip not because they want to prove a point to their friends and colleagues but to rejuvenate their soul, achieve self-awareness and gain a sense of accomplishment.

While Kenya has always remained a favorite destination for wildlife and safari tours it also offers a great experience to adventure lovers wanting to discover the wild terrain from a different perspective.  Today, Kenya has opened up the doors for international visitors who would want to travel and discover their inner adrenaline junkie.

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Rock Climbing in Hells Gate National Park

If you are looking for a rock climbing experience in Kenya, the Hells Gate National Park is the right place to be.  Just a 90-minute drive from Nairobi, this national park offers a main wall which is 150 metres high and can challenge your rock climbing expertise and skills like no other.  There are different rocks here that offer different experiences and therefore you can decide what you prefer.  While you are here you can also enjoy some great rural-side views once you are on top of the rock.

White Water Rafting in Mathioya River

White water rafting has remained one of the popular activities for adventure junkies.  You can get some great white water rafting experiences in rivers like Tana, Mathioya, Athi, Ewaso N’giro and Sagana.  Although, all these rivers offer you different ‘Difficulty’ levels and therefore you can ensure that you can get the best experience in whatever level you prefer.  If you are an experienced white water rafter you can choose Mathioya and Athi rivers that offer the best Class IV rapids.

Camping in Masai Mara

Things to Do in Kenya for Adventure Lovers

If you want to explore Masai Mara, camping is the best way to experience its wilderness.  Finding lodges and camps in Masai Mara isn’t very hard because you can find many local tour companies that can book you a camping spot along the river to help you enjoy the experience of living in complete wilderness.  Camping in Masai Mara offers an experience like no other where you become a part of nature.  Plus you can also experience and witness the Great migration.

Quad Biking in Lewa

Exploring Kenya on a quad bike offers a unique experience to those who want unique adventure experiences.  These street-legal vehicles are meant specifically for thrill and entertainment as you explore the uncharted terrain in Lewa.  As you speed your way through the wildlife you also get to experience the wildlife and witness the spectacular scenery that surrounds you.

Go Hiking Mt. Ololokwe

As you fly into Kalama Conservancy, you will find it hard to miss the massive Mount Ololokwe.  While it is a sacred mountain for the local Samburu tribe in Kenya it also offers a great hiking experience as you walk through the elephant and cattle tracks and gradually hike the steep terrain of this giant rock.  You can also camp around Mount Ololokwe to ensure that you get an early start for your hike.  The vegetation gradually changes as you hike higher making it more challenging for those looking for some adventure.  However, once you are at the top the views are simply breathtaking and rewarding.

With its gorgeous landscape views, rugged terrain and unique adventure activities, Kenya have a lot to offer to adventure junkies looking for their next adventure trip.