Manchester is a prominent city which is located in the northwest of England and boasts of a rich industrial heritage.  Every year, it draws hundreds and thousands of tourists and travelers from all across the world, who come here to explore the history and culture of the city.  Although the city is also known for its musical legacy, there are plenty of awesome things to see and do here in Manchester.  There are so many galleries, restaurants, and museums, that can keep you busy for days.

Here are some of the top experiences to enjoy while in Manchester.

Explore Manchester’s Music Scene

The city has bands of all genres, thanks to the more open-mindedness of the city and its people.  Explore the city to learn about its brilliant small venues where you come face to face with the locally grown talent and enjoy some drinks as you get immersed in the new music scene within Manchester.

Manchester Canal Cruises

Go for one of those fascinating canal cruises for an experience to remember.  Take the journey along the inland waterway and feast your eyes on the spectacular scenery of Manchester – here are some excellent options jotted down by The Culturetrip.  Pass under bridges and go through locks for an impressive sight and experience.

Northern Quarter for Top Art Galleries

 Northern Quarter for top art galleries

Take to the Northern Quarter streets to come face to face with the mind-blowing street art. Well, some of those galleries can be expensive to enter nothing to worry, as you can always get faster cash and loans for bad credit.  The Northern city is packed with some of the best art galleries in the city.

Visit John Rylands Library

Another major attraction of the city is John Rylands Library.  The library itself looks like a masterpiece of Victorian Gothic architecture, and from far, it seems like a castle or cathedral.  The library was commissioned by John Rylands and boasts of a world-class collection of literacy treasures such as the oldest piece of the New Testament and the magnificent illuminated medieval manuscripts.

Manchester United Football Club

Old Trafford Stadium Tour - Theatre of Dreams

Do not miss out on the Matchday VIP Experiences while you are here and head for Manchester United Football Club.  This is the ultimate way to get closer to all that high-pitched action on the field as you get to see the performance of one of the greatest football clubs in the world.  Lastly, there are regular Old Trafford stadium tours.

Hidden Gems at the Record Stores

There are plenty of independent record stores in Manchester that have been supplying some good tunes for years.  These record stores have become world-renowned because of their impressive collections.  Explore the treasure trove of rare cuts and who knows you might come up with a gem.  Some good names include Eastern Bloc, Vinyl Exchange, Piccadilly Records, and more.

Emirates Old Trafford

If you love cricket, then you must visit this world-class sporting venue, Emirates Old Trafford.  It is home to Lancashire Cricket Club and has seen some of the most iconic moments in the history of the sport.  Some of the biggest test cricket matches have been organized in Emirates Old Trafford, which has witnessed clashes between the lines like India and Pakistan, as well as England, Australia, West Indies, and more.

Trip to Victoria Baths

Your visit to Manchester would remain incomplete if you haven’t been to Victoria Baths.  It is indeed one of the most splendid bathing institutions and has swanky swimming pools.  Do not miss out on those retro pool-side changing rooms that are decorated with ornate Edwardian tiles.  As the long-term plan is to turn the place into a Turkish bath, so do visit the Victoria Baths before they do that!