Reno is the biggest little city in the USA and situated in northern Nevada.  Here are a few things to do in Reno;

  • Reno Sign
  • National Automobile Museum
  • Casinos and Resorts
  • Reno Riverwalk
  • Craft Beer
  • Lake Tahoe
  • The Outlets at Sparks

I guarantee you’ll find an excellent hotel deal in Reno as it’s much cheaper than Las Vegas!  In addition, rent a car to explore the beautiful surrounding area.

Reno Sign

Things to do in Reno - Reno Sign

Some of the resorts and casinos in Reno are incredibly good value, staying over one or two nights in Reno is significantly cheaper than most other cities in the US.  As a matter of fact, I spent a full day in San Francisco before arriving late in Reno to take advantage of the hotel prices.  The iconic landmark of Reno is the neon sign ‘The Biggest Little City in the World’.  Welcome to Reno!

Have you seen the Reno sign before?

The Reno sign appears in the following movies;

National Automobile Museum

Thins to do in Reno Nevada - National Automobile Museum

The National Automobile Museum features historic cars from the 19th century onwards.  More importantly, they have been wonderfully kept and well displayed.  As a result you can either admire these iconic vehicles or pose for pictures with them.  Lastly, this museum is renowned as one of the best automobile museums in the USA.

Hire a Car to Explore Reno

Casinos and Resorts

Things to do in Reno - Circus Circus Casino

Firstly, I stayed in Circus Circus which worked out less than $40 per night.  For this reason, I highly recommend staying in this iconic US casino.  In addition to Circus Circus, other famous casinos in Reno include, Grand Sierra Resort, Silver Legacy, Peppermill Reno, Eldorado Resort, Atlantis Resort, Sands Regency as well as Harrah’s.  Finally, Harrah’s has an excellent location adjacent to the famous Reno sign and is also excellent value.

RiverwalkThings to do in Reno - Riverwalk

As well as several resorts and casinos, the River Truckee runs through Reno.  The point where the river runs through downtown is known as the Riverwalk District.  At this point are several, walkways, bridges, restaurants and bars.  As Reno can get quite hot, this area is best visited at sunset and evening time.  However, if you want it to yourself, sunrise is your best bet.

Craft Beer and Nightlife

Things to do in Reno - Craft Beer

Reno is becoming famous for its craft beers.  For this reason, you should look out for these as you visit the riverwalk area.  For nightlife, the bars and restaurants around the riverwalk are popular.  How about a live show?  There are nowhere near as many shows as in Las Vegas.  But there are popular shows from time to time.  In fact, Jeff Bridges was performing a couple of nights after I left.  Check the Reno show schedule to see which shows are on when you visit.

Lake Tahoe

Things to do in Reno Nevada - Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe splits the border between Nevada and California.  It’s the largest alpine lake in North America.  Moreover, it’s one of the deepest lakes in the world and the second deepest in North America after Crater Lake.  Did you know the deepest lake in the world in Lake Baikal in Russia?  Lastly and most importantly, Lake Tahoe is incredibly beautiful and therefore well worth a visit.

Outlet Malls at Sparks

How are you doing for Nike shoes and shirts?  If you drive out to Sparks outlet mall you’ll find a Nike factory store, as well as many other popular brands.  There are many excellent deals to be found at the Outlet Malls therefore I highly recommend Sparks for shopping.

How to Travel from Reno to Lassen Volcanic National Park

How to travel from Reno to Lassen Volcanic National Park

In the US, gas prices vary greatly from place to place.  Once you know what a good price is and you pass a gas station with a good price, fill up!  I must mention that gas prices around Lake Tahoe are far higher than in downtown Reno.  From Reno to Lassen park is a 2 hour drive on US-395 N.  Once at Lassen National Park, pay the entrance fee and you can then drive and explore the park independently.

Lassen Volcanic National Park to Crater Lake