Seville is a city in Andalusia, Spain where orange trees line the streets.  Things to do in Seville include;

  • Seville Cathedral
  • Giralda
  • Royal Alcazar of Seville
  • Plaza de Espana
  • Torre Del Oro
  • Santa Cruz
  • Maria Luisa Park
  • Seville Bullring
  • Metropol Parasol
  • Casa de Pilatos – Top Seville Instagram Spot

In Seville you’ll discover a huge choice of hotels, from very basic cheap ones to expensive luxurious ones.  A word of warning, in summer Seville is hot and the temperature gets above 40°C / 100°F.  For this reason, I recommend you visit Seville in early spring, late fall or even winter.

Seville Cathedral

Things to do in Seville - Gothic Cathedral

You’ll see Seville Cathedral whether you want to or not as it’s visible from all over the city.  It’s official name is Santa Maria de la Sede cathedral, additionally, it’s the largest Gothic cathedral in the world.  The cathedral is a UNESCO world heritage site which was constructed in the 15th century before opening at the start of the 16th century.  As a result, you’re admiring over 100 years of construction!  Visiting the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world is an incredibly popular activity therefore I recommend you buy a skip the line ticket in advance.

Is Seville Cathedral more beautiful than Burgos Cathedral?  Let me know in the comments.


Things to do in Seville - Giralda

Giralda Tower is the bell tower of the UNESCO Seville Cathedral complex.  You can ascend the tower for city views but be aware there’s no elevator and it’s over 100 meters tall.  Furthermore, there’s a fee to climb the tower and I recommend you buy a combination ticket with the cathedral.

Royal Alcazar of Seville – UNESCO Site

Things to do in Seville - Royal Alcazar of Seville

The must visit place in Seville is the Royal Alcazar of Seville, also known as Alcazars Palace.  Not only is the palace architecture impressive but also the gardens are kept in immaculate condition.  For this reason, it’s a top Instagram spot in Seville.  An interesting fact about Alcazars Palace is that the Tom Cruise movie, Knight and Day was filmed here.  Finally, due to its popularity, I recommend you buy a skip the line advance ticket.

Plaza de Espana

Things to do in Seville - Plaza de Espana

Most people would agree that Seville Cathedral offers the most impressive architecture of the city.  However, Plaza de Espana offers something the cathedral doesn’t, space!  The surrounding gardens and water features of Plaza de Espana make it a photographers dream.  As a matter of fact, it’s a top Seville Instagram spot.  There are lots of girls (and guys) who dress up to take their photos with this majestic backdrop.  Did you know there’s another Plaza de Espana in Madrid?

Torre de Oro

Things to do in Seville - Torre de Oro

Beside the Guadalquivir river is the Torre de Oro which photographs beautifully.  In addition, the nearby bridge offers wonderful river views.  So what was the purpose of the Tower of Gold?  It was a military watchtower to police Seville.  Most visitors pass by the tower and are satisfied but if you wish to see another, you should check out the nearby Torre de Plata.

Santa Cruz

Things to do in Seville - Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is the historic center of Seville.  Of course, this includes the UNESCO sites of Seville Cathedral and Alcazars Palace.  In addition, there are several picturesque Spanish houses, small plazas, restaurants, tapas bars, coffee shops as well as several souvenir shops.  Something exceptionally unique about Seville is that there are several orange trees which line the streets.  A word of warning, if you’re planning to walk to your hotel in Santa Cruz, it’s quite difficult to pull your suitcase over the narrow cobbled streets!

Maria Luisa Park

Things to do in Seville - Maria Luisa Park

Maria Luisa Park is one of the major parks of Seville.  It’s huge and features several water features, gardens and wildlife.  In fact it’s famous for the green parrots which reside there.  If you’ve never seen a parrot before, you’ll have fun searching for one.  A wonderful photo you can take in the park is of the Museum of Arts and Traditions reflecting in the adjacent pond.

Seville Bullring

Things to do in Seville - Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballeria de Sevilla

Seville is home to a 20,000 seater Bullring.  If you wish to watch a bullfight or simply tour the historic stadium, check out the Real Maestranza website.

Metropol Parasol

Things to do in Seville - Metropol Parasol

Some describe the Metropol Parasol as an eyesore in such a beautiful city.  Whether that’s true or not, it certainly offers majestic city views.  I recommend climbing the Metropol Parasol around sunset.  Finally, this is a good location to photograph the largest Gothic cathedral in the world from.

Casa de Pilatos – Top Seville Instagram Spot

Things to do in Seville - Casa de Pilatos

La Casa de Pilato is a 16th century palace, in fact, one of the largest private properties in Seville.  Why do I claim it’s a top Instagram spot in Seville?  Because of the decorated walls and doorways.  For this reason, it won’t be a surprise to see girls dressed up posing around the property.

How to get from Seville to Tavira

Bus - Seville to Faro - 2 hours, €19Bus – Seville to Faro – 2 hours, €19

I took the Alsa bus from Plaza de Armas bus station to Faro airport.  The Alsa bus is ok but features no wifi or phone chargers.  If you wish to hire a car in the Algarve, Portugal, you can find some great deals from Faro Airport.  I hired a good car for 9 Euros a day and drove to Tavira.

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