Tel Aviv is the main city of Israel but not the capital.  Things to do in Tel Aviv include;

  • Old City of Jaffa
  • Clock Tower
  • St Peter’s Church
  • The Wishing Bridge
  • Tel-Aviv Port and Nightlife
  • Parks in Tel Aviv
  • Tel Aviv Promenade and Beaches

Israel declared Jerusalem its capital in 1950 but most countries have their embassies and consulates in Tel Aviv.  It’s easy to find a place to stay in Tel Aviv, there are hotels for all budgets.

Old City of Jaffa

Things to do in Tel Aviv - Israel - Old Jaffa

Before visiting Jaffa, I had heard of Jaffa from the oranges.  As a matter of fact, the reason they are called Jaffa oranges is because they came from here.  I distinctly remember a Jaffa Cakes tram in Sarajevo, Bosnia and it exists today because of this place.  However, the city of Jaffa dates back long before the Jaffa Cake.  It’s one of the oldest cities in the world and dates back over 9000 years.  The buildings you see today are more likely from the Ottoman era but it’s still rewarding walking around the narrow streets of Old Jaffa.

Clock Tower

Things to do in Tel Aviv - Israel - Clock Tower

The Jaffa Clock Tower was built at the start of the 20th century.  During this time, Palestine was under Ottoman rule.  The Ottomans built 7 clock towers throughout what was then Palestine.  There was one in Jerusalem but it was destroyed.  For this reason, there are only 6 remaining, with another one of them in Nazareth.

St Peter’s Church

Things to do in Tel Aviv - Israel - St Peter's Church

St Peter’s church dates back to the 17th century.  However, it was destroyed by the Ottomans before being rebuilt with Baroque architecture in the 19th century.  It’s located in the center of Old Jaffa and is the symbol of this historic part of Tel Aviv.

Wishing Bridge

Things to do in Tel Aviv - Israel - The Wishing Bridge of Jaffa,

The wishing bridge is located in the old town of Jaffa.  On this wooden bridge you’ll find all the zodiac signs.  Legend has it that if you stand with your hands on your zodiac sign looking out to the Mediterranean and make a wish, this wish will come true.  I am a Libra so stood with my hands on the Libra sign.  I did make a wish and I will update when and if it comes true.

Tel Aviv Port and Nightlife

Things to do in Tel Aviv - Israel - Port of Tel Aviv and Nightlife

At Jaffa Port you’ll find lots of bars and restaurants, you can visit for a meal, a coffee or a few beers.  I’m not a foodie but being British I do appreciate fish and chips and there is a popular fish and chips restaurant in the port.  Finally, Jaffa Port is a great place for nightlife with several popular bars, especially in the evening.

Things to do in Tel Aviv – Parks

Things to do in Tel Aviv - Israel - Parks in Tel Aviv

There are several well kept parks in Tel Aviv and they make for fantastic photo opportunities.  Tel Aviv is a huge city, bigger than the capital Jerusalem, for this reason, there are several skyscrapers.  If you’re a fan of taking landscape pictures of skyscrapers then there are countless angles to do this around the city.  In addition, there are several water features in the various parks which make for perfect reflection shots of the surrounding skyscrapers.

Promenade and Beaches

Things to do in Tel Aviv - Promenade and Beaches

It’s possible to walk from Jaffa Port through the old city of Jaffa, then along the Tel Aviv promenade.  Along this route you’ll come across thousands of photo opportunities.  You can also visit a beach when you get far enough along the promenade.  A photo with ‘I love Tel Aviv’ sign on the beach is one of the top things to do in Tel Aviv.

Azrieli Center – Tallest Building in Tel Aviv

Things to do in Tel Aviv - Israel - Azrieli Building

The Azrieli Center is the tallest building in Tel Aviv and you can see it from almost everywhere in Tel Aviv.  It is possible to visit the Azrieli Center observation deck on the top floor of this building.  From the observation deck you’ll be able to make fantastic photos of the city of Tel Aviv as well as the Mediterranean.  In the basement of the building is one of the best shopping malls in Tel Aviv.  Adjacent to the Azrieli Center is the Hashalom train station where you find trains to most locations in Israel including Jerusalem and the airport.

How to get from Tel Aviv to Nazareth

Bus from Tel Aviv to Nazareth

From Tel Aviv I waited at a bus stop on Namir Road and asked the locals how to get Nazareth.  I took bus 825 and the bus driver told me where to get off and change, I then took bus 750 to the center of Nazareth.  As the locals speak English it’s incredibly easy to use the local bus service.  An easier option to get to Nazareth would be an organized shuttle with Abraham Tours, this is a similar price to the bus and they’ll take you direct to your desired hotel in Nazareth.  Enjoy your trip from Tel Aviv to Nazareth.

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