The Hague is a city in The Netherlands which is home to the International Court of Justice.  Here are a few things to do in The Hague;

  • Peace Palace
  • Madurodam- Mini Europe
  • Dutch Parliament – Binnenhof
  • Mauritshuis – Art from the Dutch Golden Age
  • Noordeinde Palace
  • Old City Hall and New City Hall
  • The Hague Historic City Center
  • Photographing push bikes

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Peace Palace

Things to do in The Hague - Peace Palace

The Peace Palace is one of the most beautiful buildings in The Hague, perhaps all of The Netherlands.  It’s called the Peace Palace because it’s the International Court of Justice (the principal judicial body of the United Nations).  Additionally, it houses the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the Hague Academy of International Law as well as the Peace Palace Library.  It is possible to visit the Peace Palace as part of an organized tour therefore check the tour times.  Finally, the Peace Palace has been awarded the European Heritage Label for its importance in recent European history.  As a matter of fact, those involved in the Srebrenica massacre were sentenced here.

Mini Europe

A short walk from the Peace Palace you’ll find Mini Europe known locally as Madurodam.  It is very similar to the Mini Europe found in Brussels, they are very popular in this part of the world.

Dutch Parliament – Binnenhof

Things to do in the Hague - Dutch Parliament
The office of the prime minister of The Netherlands is located in the Dutch Parliament complex, known as Binnenhof in Dutch.  This is the Dutch equivalent to the London Landmarks, Houses of Parliament and 10 Downing Street.  There is a lot of security here as you’d imagine but you are free to walk around the complex.  In addition, you’re welcome to admire the Gothic architecture as well as take photos.  On the other side of the Dutch Parliament is the Hofvijver lake which on a sunny day without wind offers the opportunity for a Binnenhof reflection photograph.

Mauritshuis Art Museum

Things to do in The Hague - Mauritshuis Art Museum

Mauritshuis is an art museum which houses the royal cabinet of paintings.  The paintings are largely from the Dutch golden age.  This is a period during the 17th century when The Netherlands was the most prosperous nation on earth.  Mauritshuis building is listed as one of the top 100 Dutch heritages sites.  Not to mention the Dutch golden age paintings inside.

Noordeinde Palace

Things to do in The Hague - Noordeinde Palace

Noordeinde Palace is one of the residences of the Dutch royal family.  Visiting this palace is just as important as visiting Grand Ducal Palace when in Luxembourg.  In fact, you’ll often see royal guards outside this palace.  An interesting fact about this palace is that it was originally a farmhouse!

The Hague New City Hall and Old City Hall

Things to do in The Hague - New City Hall and Old City Hall

In The Hague there are 2 city halls.  The New City Hall is adjacent to the train station and is both a colorful and modern building.  In contradiction, the Old City Hall is a Medieval building which has iconic red flags hanging from the windows.  In fact, The Hague Old Town Hall somewhat resemble that of nearby Gouda.

The Hague Historic City Center

Things to do in The Hague - Historic City Center

As you walk through the pedestrianised streets of historic The Hague, you’ll pass several picturesque viewpoints.  In addition, there are restaurants, fast food kiosks, coffee shops, bars, shops as well as points of interest of the city.  As a result, you can spend a few hours, possibly days in The Hague.

Push Bike Photography

Things to do in The Hague - Photograph push Bikes

Push bikes are an extremely popular mode of transport in this part of the world.  For this reason, you’ll see lots of push bikes on the pavements.  Some of these push bikes are extremely colorful, as is the backdrop.  Be sure to appreciate and photograph these incredibly Dutch views!

How to get from The Hague to Gouda

The Hague Central Train Station, how to get to Gouda

The Hague train station is a tourist destination in itself, it’s a brand new very well organized train station.  It not only connects The Hague to major cities in The Netherlands but it is also the final stop on the Rotterdam metro.  I took a train to Gouda, home of Gouda cheese which took around 20 minutes.

Gouda to Utrecht