Ushuaia, located in Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina is the world’s southernmost city.  Ushuaia offers the following points of interest;

  • Central Ushuaia including Argentine BBQs, chocolate shops and bars
  • Hiking to Glacier Martial
  • Falkland Islands plaza and memorial
  • Train of the End of the World
  • Tierra Del Fuego National Park
  • Flag Trees
  • Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse
  • Walk with penguins on Martillo Island
  • Day trip to Penguin, Seal and Bird Islands
  • Day trip to the Fuegian Andes – Lake Fagnano, Lake Escondido and Emerald Lake
  • Start off point for trips to Antarctica

Hotels in Ushuaia Argentina range from basic to luxury and are usually good value.  I recommend visiting in their summer as during the winter days are very short.  During the summer months you can organize day trips from downtown.

Central Ushuaia

Things to do in Ushuaia Argentina

Visiting Ushuaia will give you bragging rights to have visited the world’s southernmost city.  On a clear day Ushuaia is as picturesque as they come with the snow capped mountains in the distance.  The city itself is full of the famous Argentine Parrillas which are restaurants where the famous Argentine meat is cooked on metal grilled barbecues.  You’ll also find a few excellent chocolate shops here which are worth a try and then of course there are the bars.  The most important thing to do in Ushuaia is take a photo with the Ushuaia – ‘End of the world’ sign which is close to the cruise port.

Glacier Martial

It’s possible to hike from Ushuaia to Glacier Martial, sadly due to global warming the glacier is shrinking.  In fact during summer months Glacier Martial is almost non existent but still the views from the top are fantastic and exercise is always required whilst traveling.

Tierra Del Fuego National Park

It’s easy to organize a day trip to Tierra Del Fuego National Park from Ushuaia.  Tierra De Fuego National Park has many points of interest to visit and photograph;

  • Animals including red fox, guanaco, otter, beavers and rabbits
  • The Beaver Dam (Castorera)
  • The Lookout
  • A southerly Post Office
  • Short hikes including, Cerro Guanaco, De La Isla path, peat bog walk (Paseo del Turbal)

What is often mentioned about Tierra Del Fuego National Park is that otters and rabbits were introduced here (they are not native) and since their introduction they have caused lots of damage.  The most serious damage has been caused by the otters who build unnecessary dams causing flooding.

World’s Most Southerly Post Office

Things to do in Ushuaia Argentina - World's most southerly Post Office, Tierra Del Fuego National Park

As well as photographing the animals, birds and beautiful landscapes you can also visit the Post Office.  When I visited this Post Office it was the world’s most southerly.  What do you do when you are at the world’s most southerly post office?  Send a postcard to your mum of course!  I did exactly this and I had actually finished my trip and returned home before it arrived!  Unfortunately this post office has since lost this title as the world’s most southerly as there is now a post office further south in Antarctica.

Train to the End of the World

For train enthusiasts it’s possible to visit Tierra Del Fuego National Park on the End of the World Train.

Flag Trees

Things to do in Ushuaia Argentina Flag Tree, Tierra Del Fuego

Ushuaia is famous for its flag trees, you’ll see them on artwork, paintings, keyrings, fridge magnets and postcards for sale in Ushuaia but what’s so special about them?  They’re unique looking trees, I certainly haven’t seen a tree like this in any other part of the world.  They get this unique shape from the climate and they’re shaped by the wind.  If you see one of these flag trees make sure you photograph it!  The good news is that when you go on the walk with penguins day trip, most likely the tour bus will stop and let you photograph a flag tree.

Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse

Things to do in Ushuaia Argentina - Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse

An iconic photo from Ushuaia is the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse in the Beagle Channel.  Any tour you take that involves a boat will pass this lighthouse and for me it has become my favorite lighthouse photograph.  In the Beagle channel you’ll pass islands covered with seawolves and Imperial Shag birds.

For those interested in more images from the Beagle channel, I have shared on my Instagram page photos of Imperial Shag Birds and Seawolves.

Day Trips from Ushuaia

Things to do in Ushuaia Argentina - Penguin Excursion day trip

For those who have a dream to walk with penguins you can take a day trip to Martillo Island which is a beach full of Magellanic penguins.  On this beach you’ll be able to get close to the penguins and take lots of penguin action pictures.  You cannot actually roam wild on the beach with the penguins as it would be unfair to have a boat full of tourist unleashed on them.  You will stand on a section of the beach and if the penguins choose to they can get incredibly close.

Remember before taking the trip that these penguins are of the Magellanic variety, which is probably not the type of penguin you have seen on TV or in Happy Feet.  In the Falkland Islands you do get to see penguins which you ‘ll have seen in Happy Feet!

Ushuaia to The Falklands Island Cruise Ship

Formal night, Celebrity Cruises, Antarctica cruise from Ushuaia

From Ushuaia cruise port, I got back on the Celebrity Infinity which then sailed for the Falkland Islands which are east of Argentina.  Whilst on the cruise ship, I experienced my first formal night which meant dressing up in a suit to enjoy my steak dinner.  The sea was very rough whilst cruising out to The Falklands.

Falkland Islands to Puerto Madryn