Greece is famous for having some of the best cheese in the world.  For this reason, it makes sense to visit a traditional cheese dairy to see the products at their source.  Nowadays, we are searching for organic products and this is exactly what is produced here.  Here is my experience inside the traditional organic cheese dairy on Lipsi Island, Greece.

Tradition Greek Cheese Dairy Lipsi Island – Location

Traditional Cheese Dairy - Lipsi Island Greece - Location

The traditional Greek cheese dairy is located on the edge of the main village of Lispi Island.  It’s inside a traditional Greek style white house.  Don’t worry, it’s air conditioned to ensure the cheese is kept fresh!  Lastly, to help you locate it, it’s opposite the popular Lientou Beach.

Fresh Milk from the Farm

Traditional Cheese Dairy - Lipsi Island Greece - Traditional Milk Containers

Fresh cows milk, goats milk as well as buffalos milk arrives fresh from a local farm on Lipsi Island.  Of course, as we are producing organic cheeses, all the milk is also organic.

Cheese Making Process

Traditional Cheese Dairy - Lipsi Island Greece - Cheese Making Process

You’ll discover the different processes performed to create each different cheese as you tour the traditional cheese dairy.  One thing which will strike you as you enter the property is how sparkling clean it is.  Although the dairy features state of the art machinery, traditional techniques are also used in the cheese creation process.

Organic Lipsi Cheese

Traditional Cheese Dairy - Lipsi Island Greece - Organic Lipsi Cheese

During your visit, you may witness them making traditional cheese, goats cheese or even buffalo cheese.  In addition, they also produce a blended cheese as well as cream cheese.  For those who would like to try something new, there is also cheese blended with wine as well as local herbs (below).

Cheese Cave

Traditional Cheese Dairy - Lipsi Island Greece - Cheese Cave

To create the perfect cheese it must be stored and matured in the perfect environment for the correct amount of time.  The Greeks know this better than anyone and the cheese in the traditional dairy is being matured as we speak!  Finally, it depends on the type of cheese as to how long it stays in the cheese cave.

Traditional Greek Cheese Store

Traditional Cheese Dairy - Lipsi Island Greece - Store

There is no better place to buy your Greek cheese than at its source.  In the store you can buy the freshly packed cheeses.  Be sure to sample each cheeses first to find the best ones for you.  Why not ask them which cheese they are packing at the moment?  As a result, you’ll have the freshest possible cheese.  In addition to the cheese, you can buy wine, olive oil and also fresh marmalade.

Enjoy your visit to the Traditional Greek Cheese Dairy on Lipsi Island

Traditional Cheese Dairy - Lipsi Island Greece - Fresh Organic Greek Cheese

Remember, all the cheese products are created fresh on site.  This is complemented by friendly staff who are keen for you to sample their products.  Enjoy your visit, but most importantly, enjoy the delicious Greek cheese!

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