Europe is famous for its wonderful cities such as London, Paris, Rome and Amsterdam.  These cities are well worth a visit but Europe has much, much more to offer.  That’s before I mention the price of hotels in the top European destinations.  You’ll often find daily tours from major European cities which take you to the rural and picturesque parts of the country.  The downside to this is that you’ll visit each site at the same time as the rest of the tourists and never truly experience the destination.  To combat both high hotel prices in cities and groups of people you should consider motorhome hire.   Motorhome and campervan are a wonderful way to explore Europe and they’re not as expensive as you would think.

Portugal by Motorhome

Things to do in Tomar Portugal - Roman Bridge

What is special for me about Portugal are the small towns and villages.  What is not special is the public transport network in this country.  For this reason, if you truly wish to explore Portugal, then your own set of wheels are required.  As a matter of fact, Portugal has so many off the beaten track towns that sometimes you’ll feel like you’re the only tourist.  Some towns make you feel like you have a little Lisbon all to yourself!  What’s more, in these undiscovered towns, parking is plentiful.  As a result you can park up your motorhome and enjoy the excellent value food and drink available throughout the country.  Another advantage to a motorhome is you can visit the popular Sintra Palace before all the day trips arrive from Lisbon.

Spain by Motorhome

Spain by motorhome

Spain is famous for its beaches, particularly those in the south.  Unfortunately, due to their popularity, you’ll often be sharing these beaches with hundreds of other tourists.  Why not hire a motorhome in the quiet northern coast of Spain?  As a result, you can explore not only the beautiful mountain region but also the empty beaches.  What’s more, when you’re away from the tourists, you’ll find the price of local cafes and restaurants are much cheaper.  Furthermore, the food in rural areas is often of better quality and larger in portion size.

France by Motorhome

France by Motorhome

France is a country famous for its wine, cheese and of course its bakeries.  As a matter of fact, one of the joys of traveling by motorhome is finding a new bakery each morning!  Another freedom you have is being able to find the cheese and wine at its source.  Not only can you enjoy the best wine but also enjoy it with a splendid view.  Did you see the price of hotels throughout the Champagne region?  For this reason, a motorhome really has its benefits in this part of the country.

Italy by Motorhome

Guaita, the first tower of San Marino

Italy is an amazing country to take a road trip.  Northern Italy is home to several beautiful lakes.  With a motorhome you can not only watch a spectacular sunset over a lake but also wake up to a stunning sunrise.  Did you know as you head to the center of Italy that you can drive up a mountain to San Marino?  Central Italy is also the home to another Micro state, Vatican City.    As you head down to Southern Italy, this part is famous for its food.  Moreover, when you take a road trip you’re most likely to find the most authentic pasta.

Belgium by Motorhome

Things to do in Ghent - Belgium
Belgium is home to several small towns and villages full of colorful houses.  What’s more, some of these towns feature canals running through them.  A motorhome gives you the freedom to explore these small villages whilst avoiding the high hotel prices in this part of the world.  In addition, you can also avoid the tourist trap of Bruges.


Both buying or hiring a motorhome can be expensive.  However, there’s a method for both owners and renters which can make the motorhome experience much less expensive.  Yescapa is an online platform which offers private motorhome and campervan hire throughout Europe.  Through Yescapa, owners rent their motorhomes which enables holiday makers to find a much better deal.  What’s more, you can search for motorhomes by destination.  As a matter of fact, some motorhome rentals work out cheaper than hiring a car.  Not only are they available throughout the United Kingdom but also in France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Italy.  Finally, every motorhome hire includes comprehensive insurance as well as customer support.  As a result, you can truly relax and enjoy your holiday in complete freedom.

Enjoy Europe by Motorhome

Discover Europe with a motorhome

I’ve touched the surface with motorhome travel in Europe.  In the modern travel era we live in, motorhome travel has become one of the most convenient ways to travel.  Not only is it a comfortable way to travel but it’s also a method of traveling off the beaten path and most importantly, avoiding huge crowds of tourists.  Whats’s more, with the open borders in Europe it’s easy to combine many countries into a European road trip.  Lastly, with Yescapa, you can enjoy this method of travel on a reasonable budget.