Being an introverted person doesn’t automatically make you a stay-at-homer.  Yet, as an introverted person, your perception of a fulfilling trip can be different from those who are naturally extraverted.  Perfect destinations would be away from the hustle and bustle of the world and inspire you.

When you settle your mind on what trip you want to take, there are still some things you should think of.  College can often interfere with your traveling plans, especially when you are swamped with different written assignments.  But you can try using the WriteMy essay service if you want to make more time for trip preparation.  Remember that devising a detailed plan allows you to make the most out of your travel experience.

Excited to explore some of the best travel destinations for an introvert? We have gathered a list of fascinating options just for you!


Iceland is a natural wonderland. It’s perfect for introverts who are excited to visit the northern part of the Earth.  Reykjavik can be one of those great spots to get obsessed with.  Imagine that you could view the Northern Lights in real life instead of looking at a picture online.  But if you are not the biggest fan of the Northern Lights, you can explore glaciers and ice caves, like the famous Eyjafjallajokull.

Iceland is also famous for its geysers and hot springs.  For instance, the Strokkur geyser shoots hot water up to 40 meters every few minutes.

Diamond Beach is a must-see for introverted travelers.  You can capture so many impressive pictures and videos here.  Or just admire the black sand and the huge chunks of icebergs that glimmer against the Icelandic Midnight Sun.

Despite increased tourism, Iceland remains a remote destination with ample opportunities.  Everyone who visits the country gets astonished.  Expect breathtaking landscapes full of hiking trails, snow glacier rivers, and multiple waterfalls. Prepare for dark volcanic deserts and hot springs too.

Glastonbury, UK

Glastonbury is a charming English town in South West England that offers a unique introvert travel experience.  The town is known for its markets, so get ready to go for a little shopping.  History and culture nerds must climb the iconic Glastonbury Tor.  It’s a pilgrimage site with links to Christianity and a scenic view of Somerset.

At the beginning of the Tor, you will find a Chalice Well.  It’s an extremely magnificent natural spring.  People believe that it has great energy power and healing properties.  This seems like a perfect place to clear your mind after a season of intense studying.

Glastonbury Abbey, the wealthiest and most powerful monastery in England, is a must-visit for its Arthurian history.  Thrift item lovers will be amazed too.  In the quirky shops, you will have time to search for real treasures.  Who knows, maybe you will encounter a rare crystal or a mysterious book.

6 Excellent Travel Options for Introverted Students

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria, is an excellent destination for introverted travelers.  The city is known for its reserved yet hospitable people.  There are plenty of cozy cafes perfect for coffee and silent people-watching.  For a classic European vibe, try Café Prückel. With its 20th-century decor and traditional Viennese cuisine, it will surely revive your imagination.

Exploring Vienna and the countryside by cycling or walking is an ideal way to escape daily student troubles and regain energy.  Take a tram to Nussdorf and enjoy a serene environment with long walks and wine.  The area is full of peaceful sightseeing.  Once, it was a frequently visited spot by the great musician Beethoven, who also loved taking solitary walks.

Introverted students who are looking for a distinctive cultural experience in Vienna can go to a traditional Viennese music and ballet show.  The show is usually led by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra at the Vienna Opera House.

Don’t forget to visit the Leopold Museum too.  This is a heavenly spot for art enthusiasts, and it boasts an extensive collection of modern Austrian art.  The Museum Quarter is also a great place for those interested in contemporary art and culture.

6 Excellent Travel Options for Introverted Students

Ipoh, Malaysia

Ipoh in Malaysia is a great travel destination for introverts.  This colonial Asian town is famous for its architecture, food, history, and culture.

The Ipoh Railway Station, the Birch Memorial Clock Tower, and the Tambun Cave are some of the stunning architectural wonders everyone talks about.

The Sam Poh Tong Temple is a large cave temple inspired by the Chinese architecture style.  It’s filled with a line of aesthetic sculptures and Buddhist symbols.  You can take a stairway that leads to the second platform.  From there, you can view the whole thing.  Also, get mesmerized by the beautiful embellishments on the archway of the temple.

The Dr. Seenivasagam Recreational Park and Mural Art Lane are some other places you can visit to relax and check out street art, respectively.

6 Excellent Travel Options for Introverted Students


Ever dreamt of getting inside a fairytale? This country can bring you there.  Slovenia has many charming destinations to explore.  Lake Bled is a famous fairytale-like destination.  The one word that could describe it is tranquility.  There is also Triglav National Park here.  It offers awe-inspiring mountain peaks, waterfalls, and peaceful sheep herds.

The Soča Valley boasts crystal-clear green rivers and off-the-grid mountain huts or glamping for a unique experience.

Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, is an underrated city perfect for leisurely exploration on foot.  Visitors can also enjoy vineyard tours, underground caves, and the picturesque coast with pretty towns and lots of plants.

6 Excellent Travel Options for Introverted Students

Japanese Towns With Forests

The Japanese tradition of forest bathing, also known as Shinrin-yoku, has become a popular introvert travel trend in recent years.  The practice revolves around fully connecting oneself to nature to improve mental health.

Japan’s abundant natural landscape opens numerous opportunities for forest bathing.  One of the most popular destinations for this cool activity in Japan is the famous Arashiyama Bamboo Grove in Kyoto.  The towering bamboo stalks create a tranquil and calming atmosphere.  It’s perfect for a calm walk or a meditative moment.

Another hot spot is Yakushima island in southern Japan.  Here you will find a thick forest with ancient cedar trees.

Introverted travelers seeking a more secluded onsen experience can visit the town of Kurokawa.  There are many rustic hot springs here.  They make a good serene atmosphere adorned with a picturesque forest setting.

6 Excellent Travel Options for Introverted Students


Taking time to find the right travel option and planning your activities are the two main components of a great trip.  The options above are great for introverted traveling students who search for adventures on their own.  Finally, it really is possible to travel cheap as a student.