Firstly, I’ll tell you how I make money to enjoy unlimited travel without working.

Then I’ll share some pictures of a few crazy trips I’ve made.

Finally, I’ll show you how I create amazing images and grew a huge Instagram following.

How I Make Money and Travel

Simply put, I use the Z Code Sports Betting system which is fun but most importantly, extremely profitable.  This gives me money and time to travel around the world.

Read on to see some of my travel highlights and also how I gained over 70,000 real Instagram followers.

Travel Where I Want

Where do you want to travel?  Imagine you could book your flight and go whenever and wherever you wanted.  I’ve recently visited paradise locations such as Lake Rose in Senegal and also the beaches of Bora Bora which they always show in movies.  Not only that, I’ve even experienced trips to North Korea and Iran.

Lake Rose

Rose Lake Senegal

This year, before the lockdown began I was chilling out in Senegal.  I paid for this trip with winnings from the Z Code System.  Notice, I was in decent shape during this trip?  That’s because not working gives me more time to go to the gym.

Bora Bora

Cruise to Bora Bora

I took a month long cruise to several islands in the Pacific.  That included French Polynesia which is home to the beaches of Bora Bora.  This was one of the best times of my life and I was actually online using the Z Code System during my cruise!

North Korea

Trip to North Korea

People don’t think you’re a true traveler unless you’ve been to North Korea.  Well, people often asked me if I’d been there and now I can tell them yes!  There was no internet here and I was completely cut off from the rest of the world for several days.  During this time I discovered the Z Code Automated System which meant I made money on autopilot when I was there too.


Travel Blogger in Tehran

People think I’m crazy for visiting Iran but the truth is that it’s completely safe.  Not only did I visit Iran during this period but also Iraq, Kuwait and Bahrain.  I had the time and money so went ahead and truly explore the region.  So if Iran is safe, where do I consider unsafe?  Liberia and Guinea!

How Did I Grow my Instagram followers?

Everyone wants a large following but no-one tells you the truth about how to grow yours.  The truth is that for a non famous person such as myself it’s very difficult to gain a real following.  Yet I have over 70,000 real followers so what is my secret?  It’s actually quite obvious, simply create ads direct with Instagram to promote your page and followers will come.  I use winnings from the Z Code System to fund my Instagram ads.

Create Engaging Instagram Content

Photographing Engaging Content for Instagram

To produce amazing pictures not only do you need state of the art equipment but you also need time.  You could argue that nowadays it’s possible to create amazing content on a phone.  But, how much does one of the best phones cost?  My phone costs over $1000 and I wouldn’t change it for a lesser model.  I use my Z Code System winnings to buy my equipment.  But more importantly, as I don’t have to work I have time to go out and explore.

How Did I Cope With Lockdown?

Signal Iduna Park Facts

I’ve shared with you my inside information on sports and I was very upset when all sports were cancelled during lockdown.  But this was in fact a blessing in disguise for me.  I discovered the world of E-Sports and fantasy sports betting which is bigger than even Wimbledon or The Masters.  Read about E-Sports here.  Alternatively, read about fantasy sports betting which costs only $7 to join.



When I first joined I had no idea how sports betting worked.  I must admit it is very complicated and fast moving.  Check out a free live webinar which teaches you how to be successful in real time.

Live Game Predictor

Here you view real time predictions on whichever game you’re watching.  To be honest, I let other people work out how to win and copy them!  Which gives my mind better things to concentrate on such as where to travel or what to eat next!

Good Luck and I hope to see you on the road sometime in the near future!

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