Quality workouts are an important aspect of our lives.  You need to always make time for them, but if you tend to travel a lot, that might be a little bit difficult sometimes.  To maintain a good exercise routine even while you are traveling around the world is not impossible, it just requires some extra preparation.  Researching the place you will be going to before you get there will be very helpful in this endeavor.  Having knowledge of local gyms, running tracks or even parks can all be very useful to you.  Grab a durable sports bag for your running shoes and read on to learn more about maintaining a good exercise routine while on a trip.

Bring Training Accessories

Bring not only appropriate clothes and shoes, but also your favorite exercise equipment, which doesn’t require a lot of space in your suitcase. This will additionally motivate you to do mini exercises every day wherever you are on vacation.

Sleep Enough

Don’t sacrifice sleep in any way.  You don’t want to come back from vacation feeling like you need another holiday trip.  Make your sleep priority.  Travel shouldn’t cause stress, so feel free to sleep longer, you are still on vacation!

Chose the Alcohol you Drink Carefully

The alcohol you should choose on vacation is the one with low carbohydrate content.  The best choice is vodka with soda or dry white wine.  Cocktails are definitely not a smart option.  But if you like short drinks, stick to tequila, vodka or whiskey.

Find a Market Place

When you arrive at your destination, find a local market.  If you are staying in an apartment or hotel, don’t eat too often in restaurants because there you can’t control the way food is prepared.  Instead, go exploring and find a local market with fresh ingredients and food you usually eat.

Buy your favorite food that you can eat on the go, it’s the digital nomad way.  If you have a refrigerator in your accommodation, or even an entire kitchen, prepare your own healthy meals and snacks.  There are various recipes for a quick and healthy meal that anyone can make.

Don’t Skip Meals

Whether you are rushing from one attraction to another or relaxing all day on the beach, it is very easy to lose track of time and skip a meal on vacation.  This may seem harmless to you, but one skipped meal can easily make you eat too many calories in the next meal.

The key is to keep your hunger under control, so always bring your favorite healthy snacks or a weight loss bone broth with you.  If you really want to avoid overeating, it is recommended to eat every 4 hours.

Stay Hydrated

Stay Fit When Traveling

You can easily become dehydrated on vacation.  Prolonged exposure to the sun and high temperatures, or constant movement during sightseeing, can very quickly extract precious water from your cells.  Even a little dehydration can cause a feeling of hunger, and you won’t register that you just need water.  There is no true rule as to how much water you should drink during the day, especially when energy consumption is increased.  The best rule is to follow the color of your urine if it is dark yellow – you are dehydrated.

It is not so easy to find a source of water during the trip.  If you are on the beach, the fountains are often far away or the water quality is questionable.  It’s best to put one bottle of water in the fridge and one in the freezer the night before.  That way, you’ll have fresh water for most of the day.  If you can’t bring yourself to drink plain water, make delicious lemonade.

Hire a Car to Travel to Beauty Spots

Be Active During Holidays

You don’t have to train during the holidays if you don’t want to, but don’t completely forget about the balance between energy intake and consumption.  Try to incorporate some form of physical activity into your daily activities.  Replace sunbathing on the beach with beach volleyball, replace the tourist bus with a bicycle tour, swim, walk…

Just don’t lie around all day; you’ll come back even more tired.  Listen to your body.  If you are tired, rest, relax and eat healthily.  Remember, for a healthy body, short exercises are enough and you can do them everywhere.
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