Traveling has changed over the past few months.  No longer can you join crowds in an airport or jump on a packed train.  As a matter of fact, you can now be fined if you don’t wear a face covering on many forms of public transport or even for walking in the street in some places.  Nobody wants to get fined and we all want to stay safe and comfortable so what is the solution to this face covering requirement?  I recommend for all your face covering needs.

Face Coverings to Wear on Public Transport / In the Grocery Store

Have you been on a train or in the grocery store and seen someone with a really cool face covering on?  Take a look at the designs on Hoorag, it’s highly likely the cool design is on sale here.  If not, I guarantee you’ll find an even cooler design!

XL Face Masks

You’ve probably tried out a face mask already and come across the common problem of it constantly slipping down your face.  This can be worse than not wearing a mask as you constantly have to readjust it and end up touching your face more than you need to.  Hoorag has found a solution to this problem with an XL face mask which covers more of your face and is less likely to slip and need adjusting.

Face Coverings for Kids in School

Kids are unlikely to be keen on wearing a face covering.  However, let them view the fashionable selection of colors and designs on Hoorag and they’ll suddenly become keen to wear one.  What’s more, kids face coverings offer 30+ sun protection therefore they’ll also protect your kids from the sun.

Wholesale Bulk

Are you looking for wholesale face coverings to sell in your local shop or even give to your customers?  Hoorag offers wholesale prices for large orders.  Not only this, but there are several cool designs to choose from which are guaranteed to sell quickly.

Real Tree Face Masks

I added this Real Tree face masks as it’s my preferred choice.  With natural tree designs they are perfect for wildlife photography.  In fact, I was able to sneak up on the fastest animal on the planet, a Peregrine Falcon wearing one of these!