Costa Rica is viewed as one of the most peaceful, established, and friendly countries in the world. With an astonishing literacy rate and eco-friendly mindset, there is no question as to why every year, so many travelers choose to vacation here. The relaxation and spiritual awakenings really can’t be beaten by most countries, alongside the activities and beautiful scenery that is located in Costa Rica.

Here are 10 reasons why traveling to Costa Rica is good for you.

  1. You get to de-stress and unwind

As with most vacations, people want to feel relaxed, and take a break from work or their daily busy lives. With a vacation to Costa Rica, you can expect to feel like you are in a place away from the rest of the world. A day at a beautiful beach anywhere in the Caribbean or the Pacific coast can really help to take your mind off things and allow you to enjoy a stress-free holiday. If you are looking for a more intriguing adventure, a trip through the rainforest can also help to relax you.

  1. You become responsible towards the environment

Costa Rica is the perfect vacation spot for those looking to travel responsibly. Eco lodges are some of the most popular places to stay in Costa Rica. An eco lodge in Costa Rica is a lodge that is designed with the ideal mindset of doing the least harm as possible to its surrounding environment. Farm-grown organic food with zero pesticides is another thing to enjoy and take advantage of while staying in an eco lodge. A nice detox from sugar-enriched and processed foods is something everyone really needs, and it would be the best way to eat while in Costa Rica.

  1. You can make new friends

Everyone should enjoy a vacation with friendly and inviting residents and locals. Costa Rica was ranked as the happiest country in the world by the Happy Planet Index and it really shows. Most locals surrounding and living in popular tourism areas are both happy and welcoming, and also don’t mind sharing their culture with visitors. So, a trip to Costa Rica can make you feel very included and welcome, and possibly even full of peace and love.

  1. You embrace the active lifestyle

Exciting as well as calorie-burning activities is one prime example of why traveling to Costa Rica is good for you. There are so many adventure activities to do in Costa Rica. These range from breathtaking zip lining to hiking. Active and outdoorsy travelers that love exploring are bound to find an area or activity they love doing while in Costa Rica. Due to the diverse areas consisting of beaches and rainforest, hiking, swimming, and surfing can all be experienced and enjoyed in Costa Rica. Considering that most, unfortunately, live sedentary lifestyles, a trip to Costa Rica can help you become a healthier and more active person, especially during your time there.

  1. Your respect for wildlife grows

Costa Rica’s beautiful and colorful hummingbirds are just one example of the diverse wildlife populations that are largely dispersed throughout the country. Experiencing and seeing the wildlife in places like Arenal Volcano, Manuel Antonio or Tortuguero is a unique and intriguing experience. Adorable and slow-moving sloths are perfect for viewing and for pictures. Ocelot’s and colorful tree frogs also reside in Costa Rica, and are two of the animal kingdom’s most beautiful and exciting species. Exploring the rainforests is one way to experience different animal sightings, and to understand the  nature and biodiversity at its best.

  1. You get to detox the natural way

Honestly, Costa Rica is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Bordered by two coastlines and with volcanoes in between, this place is filled with thermal springs and mud pools rich in volcanic minerals. The town of La Fortuna is most famous for its hot springs and one can get access to soak in them as much as they’d like.  On top of that, most hot springs have extra amenities like spas to help you detox completely. Rincon de la Vieja is popular for its mud baths, where visitors get to cover themselves in mineral-rich, volcanic mud. These pools are perfect to dip in and get re-energized.

  1. You build a wider understanding of the world around you

Cultural experiences and events are some of the most popular showcases of Costa Rica’s culture. Judging by how welcoming the locals are, you are welcome to enjoy yourself in either a parade or festival. It can open one’s eyes and help them experience the world in a fun and adventurous new light when they learn and experience a culture first-hand. You can enjoy traditional food and music through a cultural-based parade or festival in Costa Rica.

  1. You get to clear your mind with yoga

Yoga has become a modern trend, but it has surely grown throughout Costa Rica. Popular cities and towns include yoga studios. Performing some yoga is one of the most enjoyable activities you can go through in Costa Rica, as it can improve your overall mood, flexibility, and in a spiritual sense, your aura. So clearly, yoga can prove to be an important factor and activity for your wellbeing. What other place would be better to enjoy some yoga classes and practices than the peaceful shores of Costa Rica? With its spiritual structure and eco-friendly atmosphere, Costa Rica is the best place to practice yoga and clear your mind.

Traveling to Costa Rica has more benefits than most would believe. Aside from the beautiful mountain sight views and relaxing times on the beach, Costa Rica really has a lot of diverse nature and activities to enjoy. Traveling to the happiest country on earth can truly help to awaken one’s eyes to so many experiences and offer them a new way of life. Although a trip to Costa Rica truly can’t be permanent, it’s benefits and perks can be everlasting on one’s health and wellbeing.