When people think of road trips, they often automatically think about America.  This isn’t all too surprising. America has what’s probably the most famous road trip route in the world – route 66. It’s also a huge country with over 4 million miles of navigable roads across 50 states, so there’s a whole world of opportunities out there to explore.  But it’s really important to remember that the USA isn’t the only place you can road trip.  You can also drive your way across Europe!  If you’re considering a European road trip, it’s a good idea to plan your adventure on a country by country basis.  So, let’s start with Germany!

About Germany

Germany is a large Western European country with a whole host to see.  Not only is it renowned for its major cities, but it is also home to forests, rivers, mountains, beaches and more!  So, no matter what you’re interested in, Germany will have something to offer you.

Preparing for a Road Trip

Germany has a brilliant road network, so you can probably drive your own car over or simply hire a standard car while you’re there.  It’s unlikely you’ll need something to tackle rough or problematic terrain to get to most places people commonly want to travel to.  You may, however, need an environmental sticker like those you can find at www.duitsemilieusticker.nl.  These will give you permission to drive through environmental zones.

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Places to Go

Of course, it’s always best to know where you want to go, what you want to see, and what you want to do before getting to Germany.  Here are a few popular places


Munich is the capital of Bavaria and is home to some pretty old buildings.  So if architecture is your thing, go for a long drive around to see all of the stunning architecture!  It’s definitely worth stopping off at the central square, a thriving hub of activity!  If art is your thing, visit Alte Pinakothek.  This is one of the world’s oldest art galleries!  If you’re looking for a break from your car to relax in a refreshing green space, make sure you stop off at Englischer Garten.  This 18th century park is huge!


Berlin has a lot to offer.  Wonderful museums, cultural landmarks, great nightlife – you name it, Berlin’s got it.  While you’re here you can visit the Berlin wall, check out the street art scene, dine in one of 14 Michelin starred restaurants and try out some of the city’s world famous beers.  There’s a good reason this is the capital of Germany!


Home of the frankfurter, Frankfurt is an exciting destination for any traveller.  Visit Romer, the stunning town hall and Palmengarten, a stunning botanical garden.  You can also get city-wide views from the Main Tower – a 200m high tower with panoramic views!

These are just a few different places to stop off on your road trip to Germany.  There are, of course, a whole host of other places to visit.  But hopefully, this will get your trip off to the best start!

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