The United States of America is one of the most appealing places in the world to embark upon a road trip or general adventure.  Given the sheer size of the continent, it would take years to explore it all so that is why people create a list of their dream spots.  If this is going to include a few different states, you have to plan.  This is not a place you can simply turn up to and take things as they come.  Planning is the only way to ensure your safety and comfort for your journey of a lifetime whether you are traveling as an American citizen or from an external country.

Make a List of Must-See Activities

The absolute first activity on your travel to-do list is to create a list of destinations, spaces, and highlights you want to see.  These experiences will then begin to dictate the shape of your wider journey.  Where these non-negotiable experiences are will translate into where you’re going to go and how you’re going to get there.  When you know where you want to head to, you can begin to plan how to travel between the places efficiently.

Decide What You Want to See

With your list of must-see activities, the next decision will be around which makes the cut and which doesn’t.  What category of activity are you most interested in? Or is it going to be a combination of every amazing thing that North America has to offer? The answers are entirely bespoke things, personal to everyone’s individual journey.  Only you know where you’re heading. So, will it be any of the following?

National Parks

There are exactly 424 national parks in America, all of which bring individual character and beauty to the beholder.  Some people might spend their lifetime trying to visit them all, and this task is a big one! You could stick to some of the more famous ones like Yosemite, Grand Canyon, or Yellowstone.  Or you could try to do it state by state depending on where else you are planning on fitting into the adventure.

Theme Parks

America is home to some of the most famous theme parks in the world, with everything from Disney to Universal to experience.  Lots of the big ones are found in Florida state, but there are more dotted around in different areas too.


Fancy heading down to Santa Monica beach in LA? Or how about the compelling sands of Miami? When it comes to beach experiences, America has some of the most relaxing, inviting sands there are.  Tick famous beaches off your list or put the feelers out for something less touristy, but don’t visit America without dipping your toes in the sands in some place or another.


Everyone has heard of the Rocky Moutain range of the Appalachian Mountains.  Well, these are not the only two mountain ranges that will blow your mind if you are a lover of nature and stunning skylines.  Find a guided tour and discover what it means to be truly peaceful.

Famous Landmarks

America is not short of famous landmarks.  Whether it is the Statue of Liberty of the Lincoln Memorial or even the famous faces of Mount Rushmore, there are hundreds to pick from.  Following the landmarks is one of the easier ways to plan your trip as it gives you very clear focus points to move between, and there will always be great travel and accommodation options too.

Book Your Key Attractions In Advance

If you are to be guided by the key attractions, regardless of which state you are going to, make sure you book all of your target destinations before you get there.  There might be online promotions to take advantage of, of course, but it is also just a highly convenient thing to do for yourself or your group.  Keep everything organized in a safe spot whether that is on a backup tablet or in a secure folder so that you always have access when it is needed.

If Needed, Sort Your Visa Out

If you don’t live in America, there is a good chance you will have to sort out a travel visa before you get going with your adventure stretch.  This is known as the ESTA and while some countries are exempt, the majority of people coming into America from somewhere else need to have one in order to gain entry.  There is a fee, but the application is straightforward enough if you have all of the right documents to hand.  If you are an American national traveling around your home country, this won’t be applicable to your situation. Just remember to take your passport with you for some formal identification!

Consider Traveling Between Locations By Bus

Of course, there is always the question of how to travel between locations.  For long journeys, a bus is always a great option and there are great companies to pick from like the well-established Greyhound bus option.  The Greyhound bus service has travel links all around the States and they are fully pre-bookable which makes your life a lot easier and helps you to stay organized too.  Check out the rates and don’t forget to book every journey and keep a proper record to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible.  Traveling by bus means you get to see everything and have a true, authentic experience too.

Pre-Book Accommodation

As well as figuring out the best mode of transport for your particular journey, there is also accommodation to consider.  Wherever you go, you will probably have to stay overnight unless you plan on sleeping as you travel.  However, the safest option is always a hotel or Airbnb, or another type of short-term let.  This is not the sort of thing you can really leave until you get there, as you need to ensure the place you’re thinking about is both available and safe.

Have a Plan for Funds

If you are not from America, ensure you have contacted your bank to lift any limits that may be in place and think about having some physical cash to carry around too.

North America is one of those amazing places with so much to see, do and experience. It will be the trip of a lifetime, no doubt about it.