Over 17,500 islands make up the country of Indonesia.  As a result, there’s a lot to explore.  Moreover, with so many islands you’re guaranteed to find some untouched paradise.  However, so many untouched and remote places can make planning difficult for the first time visitor, therefore you need to plan your visit carefully.

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Bali, Indonesia

As it’s your first time to Indonesia, let’s start with Bali.  Bali is set up for tourists therefore it’s perfect to get your first taste of this beautiful country.  Additionally, Bali offers a wide range of options for tourists including, nature, beaches, nightlife, culture as well as several Instagram worthy spots.  Most importantly, it’s a developed part of the country, as a result perfect for your first visit.


Ubud Rice Fields

For postcard perfect views of rice fields I recommend you visit Ubud.  Ubud is in the center of Bali Island.  For those who wish for a peaceful stay within nature I recommend Ubud.  Finally, photographers will be rewarded for getting up at sunrise to photograph this part of the island.  Lastly, did you know the rice fields of Ubud are a UNESCO world heritage site?


Bali is renowned for beaches.  As a matter of fact, if you’re looking for a combination of both paradise beaches as well as luxury, Kuta, Bali is where you should visit.  Here you’ll find luxury resorts alongside emerald colored waters.  That’s not to mention the buzzing nightlife and wonderful day trips available here!


Bali Museum, Denpasar indonesia

Denpasar is the capital and also the biggest city in Bali.  As a result, it’s definitely worth visiting, at least on a day trip.  The most famous thing to do in Denpasar is visit the Bali Museum.  The Bali Museum features both information on history as well as regional art.  With all the historic monuments on the island it really makes sense to learn their meanings.  Denpasar is also home to another important historical monument known as Bajra Sandhi Monument.  The Bajra Sandhi Monument is a tribute to the struggles of Balinese people throughout history.  As well as its cultural importance, the monument is also a stunning piece of architecture.


Jakarta Panorama

What can be said about Jakarta?  It’s huge, it’s one of the biggest, most populated cities on earth!  For these reasons, you should be well prepared for your visit.  As a tourist, the top destination is the National Monument which gives panoramic views over the huge city.  Additionally, be sure to visit old town Jakarta.  Did you know this used to be a Dutch colony?  Yes, the Dutch invaded this part of the world and you can still find Dutch colonial buildings here today.

Enjoy your visit to Indonesia

As I mentioned earlier, it’s good to plan your trip well in advance.  As a result, you can make the most of your time on the islands.  Additionally, be sure to check out the Dealchecker website and even sign up to their offers.  They are constantly searching for the best cheap holidays and deals which you can hear about first.  Enjoy!