Being a traveler is great: new views open up in front of you, you visit new places and diversify your life, meet people from different countries and get an incredible experience.  But… unfortunately, being a travel lover is not a profession.  On the contrary, travelers spend money, time and effort, but without receiving some kind of reward.  However, a travel blogger on Twitter is a real profession that can potentially be a good way to earn extra money.  The best thing is that you, as a lover of travel, don’t have to do something that you don’t like – on the contrary, it is an opportunity to leave work in the office and become an influencer who can work from anywhere in the world.

It sounds sweet, but there is one “but”: it can be very difficult to stand out on one of the most visited platforms in the world, especially in the USA.  You see, the competition here is quite intense and fierce; that is, without using effective promotion tools and working strategies, your American travel blog will get lost among others.  But we know the solution! In the article you’ll find 3 best ways to make your page flourish and increase the audience from the USA.

1. Paid Incentive

The first thing you should know is that you don’t have to take up promotion yourself if you don’t have experience.  Today, the advertising services market is developing, and as an additional support, you can buy USA Twitter followers to create a loyal community and form an excellent image on the platform.  There is nothing wrong with this, on the contrary, boosts are designed to support creators and help them.  Using high-quality services from a decent company, you don’t risk anything, all followers are absolutely real and come from Americans.  That is, by buying an incentive, you’ll instantly improve your statistics and visibility, contributing to the growth of the blog.

You can buy targeted fans at any stage of promotion – use the purchased subscribers as a base or buy additional ones to make the promo process faster and improve engagement.  But keep in mind that these advantages apply only to real subscribers from good providers – bots and fakes won’t help you improve the situation, so choose a company wisely.

2. Tweet Visual Content

In the world of modern algorithms, it is almost impossible to stand out without videos, gifs or images, especially in terms of promoting a travel blog.  You see, users are becoming more selective every day, therefore, creators should offer them something unique and unusual, including photos and videos from your trips.  Don’t rely only on text tweets, they’re less attractive to viewers.

What visual content can you publish? It can be anything – memes, photo notes of American travel, short clips from the tops of mountains, and so on.  The main thing is that the content matches the niche of your account.  It is also important to publish high-quality content, videos and photos with a bad background, with noises, etc. won’t help you attract more fans.

3. Use Hashtags

The right niche tags are another way to increase the visibility of your posts and target them. Every time you post a new tweet, add 2-3 relevant keywords, it can be something like “American journey”, “Mauna Kea Summit ” or something else that would describe your publications.

Bonus tip: don’t add frequently used tags, it is ideal to choose the golden mean and use not too “noisy” keywords. Good luck!