Reluctant travelers have their reasons for wanting to stay put. COVID-19 is a big reason for many.  Whereas some people adore their home life, and can’t think of a better place to be. At the same time, others find travelling to be quite expensive.

While there are a few reasons for never stepping foot out of your hometown.  There are many more reasons why you should leave and explore the UK whenever you get the chance.

The fact is travelling, whether across the world or to the next town, expands our horizons.  Not to mention, it’s the go-to remedy for those who are feeling overwhelmed or stressed in their home and work life.  While you may adore your home, holidays at home are still laced with all the errands, cooking and cleaning you do every day.  Meaning you don’t have time to stop and take a real break.

Besides, travelling needn’t be expensive.  With so many options for accommodation and travel, there are numerous ways you can cut costs.  Making it possible for you to holiday without breaking the bank.

Suppose you’re reluctant to travel, but your family is insistent.  Why not compromise and opt for a staycation in one of the greatest countries in the world – Britain!  With so much ground that you haven’t yet covered.  There’s plenty of new places and sights to admire.

For a mixed bag of UK staycation ideas, that will pique the interest of reluctant travelers.  Here are ten staycation spots you may want to visit this autumn or winter.


The capital of England, London, has an array of exciting sightseeing opportunities.  From Big Ben to Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London to the London Eye.  These are just a few of many places visitors on a staycation in London like to visit.

UK Staycation Spots - London

With a range of transport options, there are plenty of budget-friendly ways to reach London from most areas across England.  From coach trips to fast trains.  You could even take your own car (however, be careful of the congestion charge in the centre of London).

Plus there is plenty of accommodation too. From hostels to Air B and B apartments you can rent.  There is accommodation to suit all budgets.

For a city that’s buzzing with life, day and night, diverse cultures and cuisines, hidden gems and plenty of things to do, a staycation in London could be for you.


Hundreds of years ago, Chester was a primary army base for the Romans in the UK.  If you like history and periodic architecture, you may want to visit Chester.  It’s noted as one of the greatest preserved walled cities in England.  On your visit, you can walk the 2 miles along the walls, to appreciate Chester’s heritage.

Chester is a beautiful city, and you can walk through and witness the history that’s carved into every part of this location.  Beyond history, Chester has various shops and restaurants you can peruse and dine in.

Other areas to explore include Chester zoo, which is a favorite place among animal lovers.  And, there’s an ancient cathedral that has existed for 1000 years which has medieval carvings present.

There are numerous tours around Chester for you to get a real feel for everything Chester has to offer.  With endless hotels and extensive transport links, Chester is an accessible place that all can enjoy on a staycation.

Lake District

Lake District is a lovely location to visit all year round and is a popular staycation spot because of its picturesque mountains.  To appreciate the Lake District in all its glory, don’t forget to bring your glasses.  To order a pair find it here at

UK Staycation Spots - Lake District

It’s likely you heard of the Lake District, or at least its famous national park that hosts breathtaking scenery, such as clear, calm lakes, and an abundance of wildlife.  If you enjoy the outdoors, the Lake District could be the ideal holiday spot for you to visit.

Other beauty spots across the Lake District include the historical landmark Kendal Castle, Ambleside and Shap Abbey Church.

For places to stay, there are multiple caravan sites, glamping sites, B&Bs and log cabins.  To get to the Lake District, you can either catch the train or drive.


The Roman city of Bath is located in the South West of England, and it’s a fantastic city to explore.  You can access Bath by car by using the M4 and M5 motorways. Otherwise, you can get there by train or their extensive bus service.

There are plenty of places to stay in Bath.  From guest houses to B&B accommodation.  And so you’re sure to find something that suits you.  Moreover, multiple restaurants provide an array of cuisines.  So you can skip self-catering, and opt for delicious meals out every day of your staycation.

The most prominent and widely recognized features of Bath are the Roman baths, Georgian stone crescents and hot springs.  Plus, there’s plenty of stately homes for you to visit, to admire the interior and lifestyle where the wealthy used to dwell.

Moreover, if you’ve always wanted to visit one of the wonders of the world, you can see Stonehenge, which is a short distance from Bath’s city center.

Bath is a place of intrigue for many and currently stands as one of the most visited cities across Europe.


This town is built on the River Trent’s North Bank.  With an extensive history operating as the epicenter for manufacturing and trading.

There are numerous attractions to take in when visiting Nottingham.  One location of which is Sherwood Forest, which is where folk hero legend Robin Hood is said to have lived.

Nottingham is also historically recognized for creating lace.  And you can locate the old lace market; now a heritage site, a short distance away from the Old Market Square.  While lace makers still reside in the red brick buildings, there’s also an extensive amount of shops and restaurants too.

Another exciting site to visit is the caves that reside in the sandstone beneath the town of Nottingham.  The City of Caves also reveals the hole, which is a staggering 322 foot in length, which takes you underneath the castle.

With plenty of interesting historical sites to see, Nottingham is an exciting place to take a breakaway.


UK Staycation Spots - Birmingham

While this city may not be the first place to come to mind when booking a staycation, it has so much to offer.  Birmingham rests in the heart of England and oozes culture and diversity.  From phenomenal galleries to lots of museums, you’re bound to find something that piques your interest.

For TV buffs who love Peaky Blinders, you can visit one of their frequent filming locations, at the Black Country Museum.

Other distinctive attractions include the national sea life center and the extensive range of shops available at the Bullring.

In Birmingham, you’ll never be short of places to stay. From humble hotels to luxury accommodation to rent.  Plus, it’s incredibly accessible to visit from wherever in England you might be.  You can reach Birmingham by train, car and coach.

When you’ve lived in the UK for a while, you might assume that everywhere in England is much like where you already reside.  When actually, each town and city has a distinctive and exciting personality accrued from its heritage and unique attractions.  With numerous places to plan a staycation in the UK, you no longer have to worry about the stress and cost associated with travelling abroad.

Additionally, summertime isn’t the only time to travel away.  Autumn and winter provide beautiful sites across the UK, meaning you don’t need to wait until 2021 to book your staycation.  Why not start planning a break after Christmas to look forward to over the next few months?  It’ll be here before you know it.  And although you may be reluctant now, when it comes around, you’ll be happy you booked it.