Renting a car in Mallorca, the best way to spend your holiday

Mallorca is a destination for the entire family as the island is filled to the brim of exciting activities.  With fabulous weather (300 days of sunshine each year), gorgeous beaches and a delicious local cuisine, there really is something for everyone. One way to make the trip to Mallorca even more exciting is to rent a car and drive yourself around, stopping at different places, wherever you feel like it.  By renting a car you will have the opportunity to set your own agenda and you won’t have to adhere to anyone else’s itinerary.  Fly to the beautiful capital of Palma and make it your base for the trip, as this beautiful city is well worth exploring as well.  Make a list of all the lovely places you would like to visit while in Mallorca and either stick to the plan or simply go rogue and explore at will.  There are several options when it comes to rent a car in Mallorca, such as for instance Roig.  By opting for renting a vehicle at Roig you will be able to benefit from experts with local knowledge on everything from road safety to traffic regulations.  Let’s hit the road.

What you need to know about finding the best vehicle in Mallorca

Renting a car in Mallorca means freedom.  Freedom to explore to experience and to create memories for life.  It is possible to be spontaneous in your quest to explore the island, and by renting a car from Roig you will have the best possible start.  At Roig you will be able to seek advice on exactly what type of vehicle you should be renting based on your travel itinerary as well as what type of comfort is available.  Should you opt for a car with GPS or not? How does it work when it comes to filling up the car with gas? Is there anything specific you should be aware of when driving? Are there any roads best avoided? Take the opportunity and ask anything and everything.  At Roig the service is great and you will feel well taken care of.  It is also important to make sure that you have proper car insurance and that you are aware of pick-up and drop-off points.  Perhaps you would like to start your journey from Palma and then spend a few nights wherever you may end up when driving, then it might be good to have some information on parking etc. in the smaller villages.

Cool suggestions for your road trip in Mallorca

  1. The beaches – Mallorca is famous for its beaches and there are plenty of them to say the least.  Take the opportunity when driving on your own to stop at as many or as few as you like.  You will have your choice between Purobeach, Purobeach Illetas, Bardot at Gran Melía de Mar and UM Beach House in Puerto Portals to name a few.  Go swimming or explore the many beach club facilities in the different areas.
  2. Serra de Tramuntana Mountains – take the scenic route on one of the drives and explore the stunningly beautiful mountain road for yourself.  Make sure to bring a camera and ask whoever is sitting next to you to snap a few pictures of the incredible view.
  3. The villages – a huge part of why you should opt to drive yourself around Mallorca are the many small towns and villages.  These picturesque places will make you feel like you have literally taken a step back in time and there are a multitude of them to choose from.  However, if you only visit a few, then opt for Banyalbufar, Valldemossa, Fornalutx and Deiá.
  4. Don’t forget to eat! – While on the road, you should definitely make sure to sample some of the local cuisine as there are many fabulous meals waiting for you in Mallorca.  Add to that quality wines and you’re home.
  5. Palma de Mallorca – end your road trip in the capital of Mallorca and you will not be disappointed.  Here you have everything from shopping to museums as well as markets and incredible architecture.

Driving in Mallorca is easy and there are simply to many cool places to visit as well as too much incredible food to eat.  Add to that the fact that you simply have to stop at some of the beaches and experience the crystal clear water for yourself.  You will also need to explore some of the islands hiking trails as well as spend some time at the many cultural heritage sites.  When visiting Mallorca, it seems as if the only issue is having enough time to do all of the things that you have on your bucket list.  It’s a good thing then that you are able to visit again, soon.