Reconnecting with nature is among the ways that have shown to offer many physical and mental benefits as well, not forgetting the sheer enjoyment that comes with being surrounded by attractive scenery.  Being surrounded by elegant views of nature is something all nature lovers would die for.  In general, outdoor activities always provide a well-balanced approach to your lifestyle.  There are many gorgeous places around the world that offer incredible nature that you can explore.

Here is a list of 3 places ideal for spending your holiday immersed in nature;


3 Unforgettable Trips for Outdoorsy People, Iceland

Iceland is one perfect place for people who love spending time outdoors.  I promise you that exploring all the fun activities and natural wonders of Iceland are things you cannot complete in just one visit.  It has so much to offer! Only time and budget will limit you when you visit Iceland but not the things you want to do.  Here are a few things to see and activities to do in Iceland:

Go for Ice Caving and Glacier Hiking

Iceland is land designated by frozen scenery.  It is a country of glaring blue ice caves, sweeping glaciers and floating icebergs.  The most unforgettable experience is entering one of Iceland’s blue ice caves.  However, this is only accessible during the winter seasons.

Visit the Blue Lagoon

Don’t miss a chance to visit the Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s most visited place.  It is famously known for its beautiful surroundings and unique relaxing atmosphere.  During your visit, do not forget to take a few Blue Lagoon Iceland photos in the most scenic spots.

Witness the Northern Lights

In Iceland, the display of natural light that can only be seen during winter is another activity to get involved in.  Is witnessing the incredible phenomenon of a dancing ribbon-like wave of light of green, purple and gold colour not a pampering experience of a lifetime?  Try it out and you’ll never regret visiting Iceland.

Madeira, Portugal

3 Unforgettable Trips for Outdoorsy People, Madeira

Madeira Island has natural landscapes that are easily discoverable while on mountain roads or “levadas” (historic irrigation channels), which are ideal for nature lovers to watch.  The ocean also awaits you to offer dives in clear and mild waters and experience whale-spotting expeditions. Some activities to do and things to see in Madeira include:

Visiting Pico Ruivo

You can visit the highest peak in Madeira (1.862m) if you are ready for the challenge.  It is accessible if you have the right shoes and can cope with the weather conditions.

Take Panoramic Drives

Despite having rough terrain, Madeira has a good road system. Some routes wend through amazing natural scenery, saving you from an arduous hike.

Visit the Madeira Whale Museum

Visit the Madeira Whale Museum to explore the history of whaling and other activities associated with it. You will enjoy seeing life-size models of dolphins and whales and their 3D footage.

Lapland, Finland

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Finland is definitely Santa Claus, right?  Nothing could make your child’s Christmas holiday more memorable than a trip to Finland, where all of Santa Claus’s magic occurs.  It’s not only perfect for children but also for older people, for there is also magic of a different kind.  Below is a list of a few things to do in Lapland:


If you are looking for gargantuan slops, Lapland is what you need! From October to April, the region is always covered with snow, which is the perfect time for skiing.

Meet Santa Claus

Rovaniemi, Lapland’s main town, is the official hometown of Santa Claus.  In Lapland, there are 3 Santa-themed attractions and a Christmas theme park where you can take your kids for an outdoor activity to have a lifetime experience.

Witness the Midnight Sun

You cannot afford to leave Finland without witnessing the midnight sun. For 70 days, the sun is always above the horizon in the northern parts of Lapland.  In the further southern part, the sky still seems illuminated even after the sun has dipped down.

There are many outdoor activities for outdoorsy people visiting Lapland, Madeira and Iceland. Have you ever been to any of these 3 places?