Sometimes you can search and search for those perfect vacation rentals but struggle to get exactly what you want.  As I regularly book properties online in different places I fully understand the struggle.  Let me share with you the newly designed booking website by GuestReady which is an excellent tool for discovering your perfect vacation rental and thus enhancing your holiday experience.

The sleek design makes it easy to search and find your perfect vacation rental and is active throughout, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, France and Dubai.  Let’s explore these countries.


GuestReady Vacation Rentals - Portugal

Portugal is one of my favourite destinations in Europe, but why?  This top destination is home to paradise beaches, delicious home cooked food as well as historic Portuguese style accommodations.  What’s more, Portugal is much cheaper than its European neighbours Spain.  Whether you choose your vacation rental close to the beach or in a historic town, Portugal will create great memories for you.


GuestReady Vacation Rentals - Spain

If you’re looking for a vacation rental in Spain then you’re spoilt for choice.  Whether you look for a historic mansion in Santander, some Gaudi inspired accommodation in Barcelona or a modern apartment near an Andalucía beach – Spain delivers!  Additionally, Spain is a top nightlife destination throughout Andalucía.  Maybe you’re into the historic sights and late night dining.  Whatever you’re visiting Spain for be sure to check the vacation rentals on GuestReady first.

United Kingdom

GuestReady Vacation Rentals - United Kingdom

With the United Kingdom being my home country, I’m somewhat an expert here.  Even more so after extensively traveling throughout the country during recent years.  The United Kingdom is home to some of the most culturally rich cities in Europe.  Cities such as London, Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow and Edinburgh to mention a few.  In addition, be sure to visit the beautiful countryside of the United Kingdom which is easily accessible and tourist friendly.


GuestReady Vacation Rentals - France

A vacation in France can be an addictive experience.  For example, I stayed there for months and everyday I crave the freshly baked croissant with coffee.  There’s nowhere in the world you can get one like in a French bakery.  Also, the French vacation rentals can vary from a cosy chalet to a huge historic chateau.  If you’re a beach lover then a rental on the Cote d’Azur will suite you.  Alternatively, why not spend some time in Paris, this city takes months to fully explore!


GuestReady Vacation Rentals - Dubai

Dubai is a modern metropolis.  As a result, a vacation rental here should be a lovely apartment.  Possibly a high floor apartment in a skyscraper with stunning aerial Dubai views.  Of course, today Dubai is famous for its beaches, top restaurants and nightlife.  It’s also home to the tallest skyscraper in the world therefore you can tick off a bucket list item during your stay.

My Choice…  Reunion Island

GuestReady Vacation Rentals - Reunion

The locations I’ve mentioned above are all exciting and you’ll create great memories there.  However, why not be a little bit more adventurous and travel all the way to Reunion Island.  Located east of Madagascar, it will take you a while to reach.  Those who do make this journey will be rewarded by beauty and wildlife you’ve never seen before.  That’s not to mention the peacefulness and tranquillity of the island.

Wherever you choose for you holiday, be sure to check out vacation rentals on GuestReady.  Maybe you’ll discover the perfect base to explore your destination and enhance the memories you create there!