Are you visiting Valencia and considering a visit to the Mestalla?  I share original photography from my visit to the home of Valencia CF, the Mestalla.  Here’s what to expect on a Matchday Experience.  What’s more, if Valencia are not playing when you’re in town you can always visit for a Stadium Tour.  Read on for what to expect inside the Mestalla.

Where is the Mestalla?

Where is the Mestalla?

The Mestalla is located just outside the historic centre of Valencia.  It’s a few blocks east of the famous Turia Gardens which dissect the city.  As a result, you can easily walk to the stadium.  Alternatively, take the Valencia Metro to Arago stadium.

Mestalla Stadium Facts

Valencia Stadium - Mestalla facts

The Mestalla has a capacity of over 48,000 making it the 8th largest stadium in Spain behind San Mames in Bilbao.  Valencia stadium was 0riginally built in 1923 making it one of the oldest stadiums in Spain.  Comparatively, todays Mestalla is barely recognisable to the original in 1923.  Moreover, the most famous matches held here include Spain’s group fixtures during the 1982 World Cup in addition to 10 Cope Del Rey finals.  A darker side to the history of the Mestalla is that it was used as a Concentration Camp during the Spanish Civil War in the late 1930’s.

Mestalla Outdoor Museum

Mestalla Outdoor Museum

Before you head into the stadium why not take a walk around the perimeter?  As you take this walk you’ll discover the past successes of Spain’s third most supported team.  Valencia CF have won La Liga 8 times, Copa del Rey 10 times in addition to 4 Europa League victories (or equivalent).

Valencia CF Bat

Valencia CF Bat, Mestalla

If you look at the Valencia club badge you’ll see a bat on there.  The bat is also the Valencia mascot which you’ll see parading around the stadium before the match.  Lucky fans can take their photo with the Valencia Bat.

Players Line Up

Players Line Up - Mestalla

The atmosphere builds up as the players make their way into the stadium and line up.  Something unusual about the Mestalla is the stadium has a live commentator who excites the crowd with his charismatic words over the very loud speaker.  Of course, he keeps quiet during the match (at least until Valencia score!).

Matchday Experience at the Mestalla

Matchday Experience at the Mestalla

There’s only one way to feel the atmosphere at the Mestalla.  That’s to buy a ticket and go for yourself.  Valencia is a welcoming city and fans from all over the world are welcome.  Of course that includes non Valencia fans!

Steep Terracing

Steep Terracing at the Mestalla

The Mestalla is known for its steep terracing.  This steep terracing is said to make it one of the most intimidating stadiums in the world for an away team.  It’s also quite overwhelming to stand at the top of a steep terrace looking down.

Valencia 2-1 Cadiz – Copa Del Rey 2022

Valencia 2-1 Cadiz - Copa Del Rey 2022

The match I went to see was the Copa Del Rey quarter final between Valencia and Cadiz.  Before the match, the commentator said Valencia were 90 minutes away from the semi finals.  He was right as Valencia went on to beat Cadiz 2-1.

Players Tunnel and Benches

Players Tunnel and Benches

As you watch the match it’s always entertaining to watch the benches and see how the coaches react to decisions on the pitch.  What’s more, take a look at the players tunnel which is an underground entry to the pitch for players.

VIP Area and Camera Viewpoint

VIP Area and Camera Viewpoint

Unfortunately, I did not get a seat in the VIP section but I was opposite and able to photograph it.  Visit the VIP section on a stadium tour.  Above the VIP section where the TV cameras film the action from.

Mestalla – Stadium With a View

Mestalla - Stadium With a View

Imagine living in this apartment!  The balcony is looking directly into the Mestalla.  I hope these guys are football fans unless it would be a waste.  Alternatively, you can look over the top of the stand for views over Valencia.

Team Bus

Cadiz Team Bus at the Mestalla

As I was leaving the Valencia stadium I saw the Cadiz bus parked up and protected by a Police vehicle.  I’m sure they quietly left after losing 2-1.  Some fans wait early before the match starts to get a glimpse of their favourite Valencia players arriving.

Enjoy Your Visit to the Mestalla – Valencia Stadium

Enjoy Your Valencia Matchday Experience

Enjoy your visit to the Mestalla stadium, it’s definitely an entertaining activity in Valencia.  Buy match tickets directly from the Valencia website and download it to your phone.  Additionally, take the Valencia stadium tour.

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