The Vasil Levski National Stadium is the largest stadium in Sofia and home of the Bulgaria national football team.  Reasons to take a stadium and museum tour include;

  • Stadium tour is free
  • Museum tour costs less than a Euro
  • Watch a football match
  • Home of the Bulgaria national football team
  • See a football shirt from Bulgarian legend, Stoichkov
  • Second largest stadium in Bulgaria

There are lots of Sofia hotels within walking distance of the Vasil Levski Stadium.  However, they can be on the expensive side therefore I recommend you check out Airbnb.

Vasil Levski Stadium Address

Vasil Levski Stadium - Home of the Bulgaria national football team - Address

The Vasil Levski stadium is located in Borisova Park in central Bulgaria.  This park is shared with the Bulgarian Army stadium, home of CSKA Sofia.  It’s somewhat similar to Stanley Park in Liverpool which is shared by both Anfield and Goodison Park stadiums.  Finally, the nearest metro station is Vasil Levski Stadium station.  However, if you’re anywhere in Central Sofia, it’s likely that you can walk to the stadium.

Vasil Levski Stadium

Vasil Levski Stadium - Home of the Bulgaria national football team

Vasil Levski national stadium is the largest in Sofia and the second largest in Bulgaria.  The largest stadium in Bulgaria is in fact, an abandoned stadium in Plovdiv.  Vasil Levski has an all seater capacity of 44,000 spectators.  It’s used by the Bulgarian national football team as well as big derby games between local Sofia teams.  In addition, the Bulgarian cup final is held here.  The stadium also hosts concerts and Madonna performed here in 2009.  Finally, the running track is in good condition and it’s likely you’ll see athletes training when you visit.

Players Tunnel

Vasil Levski Stadium - Home of the Bulgaria national football team - Players Tunnel

As part of your complimentary tour of the stadium, you’re welcome to view the players tunnel.  Many Bulgarian greats have walked through this tunnel including, Stoichkov, Berbatov and Petrov.  That’s not to mention the stars which have visited the stadium.  Huge European teams such as France, Netherlands, Italy, England and Germany have visited here in recent years.

Pitch Side

Vasil Levski Stadium - Home of the Bulgaria national football team - Pitch Side

You’re free to wander the running track, you can even do a few laps if you wish.  It’s likely you’ll see several athletes training here, who knows, maybe they are Olympians?  It’s forbidden to step on the pitch but you can stand right beside the goalposts, corner flag as well as the halfway line.

A Stadium with a View

Vasil Levski Stadium - Home of the Bulgaria national football team - A Stadium with a view

For me, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is one of the most photogenic buildings in Europe.  If you venture to the top of a stand, you have a unique view of it.  I call it the ‘Keep Walking’ view as there’s a Johnnie Walker advertisement which you can line up beside the cathedral.  For this reason, it’s an Instagram location in Sofia!  View my things to do in Sofia list where the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is the top thing to see.

Media Seats / VIP Seats

Vasil Levski Stadium - Home of the Bulgaria national football team - VIP Seats

As you’re free to go wherever you want in the stadium, you should visit the media and the VIP section.  These are the best seats in the house and of course, they have the best view of the pitch.  If you’re looking for a quiet spot in Sofia to chill out, I recommend sitting in the stadium for a couple of hours whilst the athletes are training.

Vasil Levski Stadium Museum

Vasil Levski Stadium - Home of the Bulgaria national football team - Museum

You would be forgiven for not knowing there is a museum in the stadium.  There are no signs and I had to ask several people before someone knew it existed.  Even with the knowledge that there is a museum, it’s still a challenge to get inside.  To enter you must ask security at the main entrance to the stadium.  The main entrance is the center of the main building of the stadium which faces central Sofia.  You must ask security and he will tell you to wait.  Eventually, someone will come meet you, turn on the lights and you can view the museum.  The entry fee is less than a Euro and there is memorabilia from the Bulgarian national team as well as several other sports.

Enjoy the Vasil Levski Stadium and Museum Tour

Enjoy your visit to the home of Bulgarian football.  The stadium is nearly always open so feel free to walk in through the gates.  If there is a match on, the tickets are sold at official ticket booths in the corner of the adjacent Knyazheska Garden.

From the Vasil Levski National Stadium, it’s a short walk the CSKA Sofia stadium.  As a matter of fact, you can also take a free stadium and museum tour there.  Read about other things to do in Sofia on my travel blog.