When you first hear the name “Badlands” you may wonder what this place is!  Badlands is in fact the name given to this area by Native Americans.  They had good reason to call this area Badlands as it can be incredibly hot and dry here!  As a result, I recommend you visit in a luxury air conditioned vehicle from which you can enjoy the unreal views!  Upon inspection you may recognise the landscape from top movies including, Dances with Wolves, Armageddon and Starship Troopers.  Firstly, let’s talk about how to visit Badlands National Park independently with KAYAK.  Afterwards we’ll explore the beautiful landscapes.

Why Use KAYAK to Organise your Badlands National Park Road Trip?

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Now, let’s see the things to do in Badlands National Park.

Badlands National Park – My Recommendation – Badlands Loop Road

Badlands National Park - My Recommendation - Badlands Loop Road

The Badlands Loop Road is just south of I90.  For this reason you can easily add Badlands National Park to any trip heading east or west on I90.  The loop is 40 miles long and although it takes much longer than 40 miles on the I90, I can’t imagine anyone regretting this detour.  Simply put, it’s one of the most beautiful scenic routes in the US.  What’s more, if you have lot’s of spare time you may also take the Sage Creek Rim Road which runs deeper into the southern area of Badlands National Park.

Pinnacles Overlook

Pinnacles Overlook, Badlands National Park

Pinnacles Overlook offers the highest viewpoint on the Badlands Loop Road.  As a result, it’s one of the most popular panoramic spots.  In addition, many people visit here at golden hour as the colours illuminate the pinnacles spectacularly.

Yellow Mounds Overlook

Yellow Mounds Overlook, Badlands

You will know you’re arriving at Yellow Mounds Overlook before you get there!  As my road trip picture perfect illustrates you’ll be surrounded my yellow mounds.  You may have seen beautiful pictures of a road winding through yellow hills, perhaps you’ll experience it for yourself here.  Lastly, the brightly colored rock layers are a caused by older Badlands geology.

Conata Basin Overlook

Conata Basin Overlook, Badlands National Park

Firstly, Conata Basin Overlook features a chair on a wooden viewpoint which has become quite an Instagram spot.  However, you must arrive early to have this place to yourself.  Either that, or be incredibly lucky that there’s a pause in visitors when you show up.  The viewing platform lets you admire the vast amount of the Badlands park’s paleosols from above.  Lastly, this is certainly a special place to be during golden hour.

Panorama Point

Panorama Point, Badlands National Park

Panorama Point is not the best viewpoint on the Badlands Loop Road therefore if you’re pressed for time you may skip it.  However, this viewpoint does offer a wide angle panoramic view over the White River Valley.  I’m sure photographers can pick out something spectacular here!

White River Valley Overlook

White River Valley Overlook, Badlands National Park

From the White River Valley Overlook you can see some tall Badlands formations which are known as the Castle.  For this reason, these tall Badlands structures can really enhance any Instagram photography that you’re creating.  Looking further away from the Castle is the beautiful and colorful White River Valley.

Big Badlands Overlook

Big Badlands Overlook, Badlands National Park

The Big Badlands Overlook, what a name and what a view!!  It’s Badlands views as far as the eye can see which is what brought you out here.  Take your time here and enjoy what you took the time to drive here to see.  With the freedom of a luxury hire car ordered through KAYAK, you’ll be able to stay here until late when the golden sun illuminates the view and many of the tourists are well on their way out of the park.

Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dog, South Dakota

The best place to see prairie dogs is at Roberts Prairie Dog Town on the Sage Creek Rim Road.  Perhaps these cute little creatures will encourage you to spend a little more time in the park and explore the lesser taken Sage Creek Rim Road.

Enjoy Your Visit to Badlands National Park

Enjoy Your Visit to Badlands National Park
Enjoy your visit to Badlands National Park.  In my opinion, any trip to the US is not complete without seeing the Badlands.  What’s more, they’re not so far from Mount Rushmore therefore you can visit two important places in this area.  Having given my positive thoughts about Badlands National Park, I must stress that it’s during the morning and evening that the colors of this place really come to life.  Booking your trip with KAYAK gives you the freedom to visit Badlands at the most vibrant times of the day and also gives you the freedom to stay at the places you like best the longest.  Enjoy!

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