Why is it better to visit Bordeaux with a tour agency?

There are so many reasons why Bordeaux is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime that we couldn’t possibly list them all in one post.  Although the region is known worldwide for its best wines, it has so much more to offer.

Something similar happens when you visit Bordeaux on your own; Yes, you can freely dispose of your time, but we assure you that there are so many places worth visiting that you will not be able to see them all and, in case you do, you are most likely to skip some of the small yet exciting details and stories that make Bordeaux the French “sleeping beauty”.

With a tour of Bordeaux, you will get the chance of discovering the city’s hidden treasures and most iconic sites in depth.  You probably have on your Bordeaux Bucket List the impressive Gothic cathedral, the famous Water Mirror, and the imposing neoclassical theater.  I believe we can all agree those are key sites that every tourist should at least see once during their stay in Bordeaux.  However, when touring with a local guide, you will often visit more hidden and unique places in the area that not all tourists get to know.

Furthermore, one of the main benefits of hiring a tour agency in Bordeaux is that they will reveal the city’s history, culture, and cuisine while providing you with personal recommendations from your local guide on the best restaurants and bars with French typical food to recharge one’s batteries (If you know what I mean) after a probably long walk through the breathtaking Bordeaux streets. A perfect example of this type of tour agency is Free Walking Tour Bordeaux, which, in addition to being free, has very good ratings on Google with a 4.9 out of 5 in over 356 reviews (AND a 10% OFF DISCOUNT using the promo code on their page!).

Most popular tours around Bordeaux:

There’s a wide variety of tours around the city to choose from, however, some of the people’s favorites are:

1. The Walking Free Tours around the city.  Possibly the most popular ones and some of the most enriching of them all.  These tours are usually from 1 to 2h long and allow tourists to visit the most famous monuments and learn about interesting stories and anecdotes of the city.  One example of this is the “Free walking Tour in Bordeaux” a group tour with a 2h duration in which you will be able to do the above, as well as get personal recommendations from your guides about things to do in the city, and places to eat the best local food, among others.

2. Bordeaux wine and food tasting tours, such as the “Bordeaux wine history tour with wine and cheese tasting” (a 2h duration for small groups in which, among others, you will be able to learn about the different grape varieties of the region, visit the World largest wine exposition museum, discover the hidden historical monuments of the district and attend to a professional Wine tasting of 4 Organic wines together with an assorted cheese platter) or the “Bordeaux Organic Food Tour – French Aperò style” (in which you will be able to taste a wide range of traditional, local and organic food of the region with the bests foodie guides while discovering the history of the old town of Bordeaux).

Moreover, an interesting option for those willing to test their abilities to identify the finest Bordeaux wines just by smelling and tasting is the “Blind Bordeaux wine & cheese tasting” tour.

Advantages of visiting Bordeaux with a tour agency:

In conclusion, Hiring a tour agency to visit Bordeaux has several advantages.

1. Convenience: A tour agency can take care of all the logistics and planning, allowing you to focus on enjoying your trip.

2. Expertise: Tour agencies have knowledgeable guides who can provide in-depth information about the history, culture, and local customs of Bordeaux.

3. Access to exclusive experiences: Some tour agencies often have access to exclusive experiences, such as private tours of wineries or historical sites, that may not be available to individual travelers.

4. Safety: Certain tour agencies can help ensure your safety by providing transportation and guiding you through unfamiliar areas.

5. Value for money: Tour agencies often offer packages that include multiple activities and accommodations at a discounted price, which can save you money in the long run.

6. Social interaction: traveling with a group can allow you to meet new people and make friends while on your trip.

7. Best time and season to visit: Tour agencies can provide you with the best time to visit Bordeaux, in terms of season and events, that can make your trip more pleasant and exciting.