A common question asked is, does Paris have a Pantheon?  Yes it does, let’s explore with original photography from the interior.  Firstly, the Pantheon of Paris is a stunning building which will definitely catch your eye but what is Pantheon Paris famous for?  Of course, it’s famous for its dome and Neoclassical architecture.  Additionally, it’s also famous for its crypt which is a Necropolis for distinguished French men and women.

Is Pantheon Paris Worth Seeing? What is inside the Pantheon Paris?

What is inside the Pantheon Paris?

If you’re interested in immaculate French Neoclassical architecture, historical paintings as well as the history of important French poets, writers, scientists and pioneers then you must not miss the Pantheon Paris.  Alternatively, if you wish to take amazing Instagram photos, this is a top location in Paris to do so.

Dome Interior

Paris Pantheon Dome Interior

You are looking up at the interior to the highest dome in Paris which is crowned with a cross.  The piece of art in the centre of the dome is called, The Apotheosis of Saint Genevieve.  Baron Gros created this masterpiece at the start of the 19th century.

Under the Paris Pantheon Dome – The Foucault Pendulum

Under the Paris Pantheon Dome

You may have noticed my picture of the dome interior is not taken directly beneath it.  The reason for this is you cannot stand underneath it as Foucault’s pendulum is swinging over a cordoned off area.  As you would imagine, tourists circle around and watch the pendulum swing as they look up to the dome.  This pendulum is named after Frenchman, Leon Foucault who created it to prove the earth’s rotation back in 1851.

Artwork in the Pantheon

The Christian Heroes, Paris Pantheon

The naves of the Pantheon are decorated with artwork.  Famous artwork around the naves includes a section for the Christian Heroes as well as for the cycle of the life of St Genevieve.  In addition to admiring the artwork, some visitors also pose for Instagram photos in front of it.

The National Convention

The National Convention, Paris Pantheon

François-Leon Sicard was a French sculptor who created the National Convention in 1921.  As a matter of fact, due to its central position within the Pantheon this sculpture will grab your attention.

Pantheon Nave Ceiling

Pantheon Nave Ceiling

Of course, the ceiling under the main dome gains most attention from tourists.  However, be sure to look at other parts of the ceiling as you venture through the Pantheon.  Attention to detail has been given to every square inch of this building.

Paris Pantheon Crypt / Necropolis

Paris Pantheon Crypt

The Paris Pantheon Crypt features large open corridors with entry doors to smaller rooms.  These smaller rooms are repositories for the great French men and women who have served their country throughout the years.  Many famous French poets, writers, scientists and pioneers are stored here.

Who is buried in this Paris Pantheon Necropolis?  Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Emile Zola, Jean Moulin, Louis Braille, Jean Jaures, Felix Eboue and Marie Curie amongst many others.  Moreover, the architect Jacques-Germain Soufflot is also buried here.


Voltaire, Paris Pantheon

François-Marie Arouet is better known as Voltaire.  This prolific French writer is most famous for the novel, Candide.

Victor Hugo and Emile Zola

Victor Hugo, Paris Pantheon

Victor Hugo was a French poet and novelist best known for Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Emile Zola was the foremost proponent of the doctrine of naturalism in literature.

Felix Eboue

Felix Eboue, Paris Pantheon

I first discovered about Felix Eboue when I visited Cayenne, French Guyana.  There is both a statue and park named after Felix Eboue in the capital city, Cayenne.  Felix Eboue was French colonial administrator and the first black French man to be given a high position in the colonial period.

Enjoy Your Pantheon Paris Visit

Pantheon Paris Reflection

I hope I’ve persuaded you to visit Paris Pantheon, it was certainly an experience I’ll never forget.  Even if you only decide to admire the exterior it’s certainly a top attraction in Paris.

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