Firstly, before I share pictures from inside Villa D’Este.  We need to know how to get to Villa D’Este from Rome on a day trip.  There are three major options;

  1. Take a direct Cotral bus from Ponte Mammolo Metro Station
  2. Visit on an organised tour
  3. Hire a car and drive yourself

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Where is Villa D’Este?

Villa D'Este, Tivoli

Villa D’Este is located in the centre of Tivoli.  As a matter of fact it’s less than a 5 minute walk from the bus station and central plaza.  What’s more, it’s very well signposted.  Now, let’s go inside Villa D’Este.

Who Created Villa D’Este

Who Created Villa D'Este, Tivoli

Ippolito D’Este created Villa D’Este and the ground-breaking Italian Renaissance gardens.  After failing to become the next Pope, the cardinal channelled his energy into creating this fine palace and gardens.  In my opinion, he succeeded.  Do you know who was elected Pope during his era?  Unlikely, but you certainly know about the UNESCO site Villa D’Este which attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Cardinal’s Apartments

Cardinal's Apartments - Villa D'Este

Villa D’Este is famous for its gardens.  However, before we visit the gardens, we first pass through the villa itself.  If you didn’t know about the villa then you’re in for a treat.

Cardinal's Apartment, Villa D'Este

The Cardinal’s Apartments are decorated with Italian Renaissance frescoes.  Those who pay attention to detail could spend hours admiring the intricate designs.  Perfect, because we’ll arrive in the gardens for sunset.

Grand Staircase

Staircase at Villa D'Este

A grand staircase connects the Cardinal’s Apartments to the Noble Floor.  You’ll have chance to take a quick Instagram picture here.

Noble Floor

Noble Floor, Villa D'Este

The Noble Floor features yet more mosaics.  This artwork is less royal than those above.  As a matter of facts, these green artworks will get you in the mood to visit the gardens.

Noble Floor, Villa D'Este

Again, on the Noble floors, the artwork has great attention to detail.


Balcony View of The Italian Renaissance Gardens

Before we explore Villa D’Este Gardens we can take in an aerial view of them from the balcony.  What’s more, you can also buy a coffee and snack here as you relax and gather your energy.

Italian Renaissance Gardens

Italian Renaissance Gardens

The Fountain of Tivoli is one of the most eye catching in the gardens.  Additionally, take note of how well aligned the gardens are and how one fountain leads you to another.  For those who love making Instagram photos, there really are endless opportunities here.  Maybe you should dress up for the day and bring a few different coloured outfits?

Fountains at Villa D’Este

There are at least 20 major fountains spread throughout Villa D’Este gardens.  In addition, you’ll find hundreds more smaller ones.

Fountain of Tivoli

Fountains at Villa D'Este

The Fountain of Tivoli is one of the grander Villa D’Este fountains.  It’s also one of the first you visit as it’s at the top if the gardens.

Fountain of Neptune

Fountains at Villa D'Este, Tivoli

The Fountain of Neptune is certainly the most breath-taking in the gardens.  Not only is it the largest but it also has several reflection pools leading up to it.  If that’s not enough, you can reach a balcony behind it and view it from above.

Explore Villa D’Este Gardens

Explore Villa D'Este Gardens

Take your time and explore the gardens at your own pace.  You can plan as little or long time as you wish here.  However, I recommend you take your time as there are many hidden beauty spots throughout the gardens.  Also, once any tour groups have left you can enjoy the gardens in peace as the royals would back in the day.

Villa D’Este Gardens at Sunset

Villa D'Este Gardens at Sunset

I visited at sunset and witnessed a majestic moment as the sun set through the Fountain of Neptune.  Look how quiet the gardens are at this time of day!  Photoshoot anyone?

Enjoy Your Visit to Villa D’Este

Explore Villa D'Este Gardens

Enjoy your visit to Villa D’Este in Tivoli.  It certainly makes a good day trip from Rome and a wonderful escape from the city.  Read how to visit Villa D’Este on a day trip from Rome.

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