You will learn a lot on a Wembley Stadium tour, here are some Wembley Stadium facts;

  • Biggest stadium in London and the UK
  • Largest fully covered stadium in the world
  • England won the World Cup here in 1966
  • World’s largest unsupported roof structure
  • Iconic concert location
  • It was originally called the Empire Stadium
  • Pele described Wembley as the Cathedral of Football
  • Highest attendance over 200,000 at old Wembley

There are two reasons to buy your Wembley Stadium Tour pass in advance.  Firstly, to guarantee your place and secondly, it’s cheaper online.  Lastly, hotels in Wembley are excellent value, especially if there’s no event on.

Wembley Stadium Location

Wembley Stadium Tour - Location

Wembley stadium is located in the Wembley suburb of London.  It’s located in zone 4 of the London Underground therefore the best way to get there is by train.  In fact, the quickest way to get there is by network rail from London Marylebone to Wembley Stadium Station which takes 14 minutes.  Alternatively, you can ride the underground to Wembley Park or Wembley Central.  Once you arrive, follow signs to Wembley stadium or look for the largest unsupported roof structure in the world.

Wembley Stadium Tour Meeting Point – Bobby Moore Statue

Wembley Stadium Tour Meeting Point - Bobby Moore Statue

Wembley Stadium and the surrounding area are huge.  Where in the stadium do you start the Wembley stadium tour?  The meeting point for the tour is at the Bobby Moore entrance to the stadium, here is the exact location.  Bobby Moore was captain of the 1966 England team which won the World Cup here at Wembley.  Finally, this is your first opportunity for a selfie even before the tour starts!

Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium interior

Who plays at Wembley?  Of course it’s the home of England national team but many more teams play here.  The FA Cup final and semi finals are held at Wembley.  In addition, it hosts the play off finals for the lower league teams as well as the League Cup final.  Lastly, the capacity of Wembley for football matches is 90,000 spectators.

Other special events held at Wembley are Champions League finals, World Cup 66, Euro 96, Euro 2020 as well as American football and boxing matches.

Music concerts are often held at Wembley and many legendary concerts were performed here.  Queen performed here several times, as did Michael Jackson in the 80’s.  As a matter of fact, Michael Jackson has performed the most concerts at Wembley.  However, Ed Sheeran is catching him up.  In recent times, Adele filled the stadium with 98,000 fans.

Secret to the Wembley Atmosphere

Secret to the Wembley Atmosphere

When England play at home, it’s important the crowd get behind them.  Take note of the VIP box windows, there’re not straight.  As a result the noise of the crowd bounces around the stadium creating a better atmosphere.

Media Seats

Wembley Stadium Tour - Media Seats

With all the important events held at Wembley, it’s necessary for the media to be there.  For this reason, there’s a huge section of the stadium assigned specifically for the media.  If something happens on the pitch, the world will know about it immediately!

Royal Box

Wembley Stadium Tour - Royal Box

The best seats in the house are of course, the royal seats.  Can you believe that these seats are free of charge?  So how do you get a free ticket?  You must get an invite from someone, does anyone know Prince Harry?  Nevertheless, on the Wembley stadium tour you can visit the royal box without an invite.  You can sit where royalty sit.  The Queen of England doesn’t often visit Wembley anymore but you can certainly sit where Prince William and Harry sit!

Away Team Dressing Room

Wembley Stadium Tour - Away Team Dressing Room

Normally, the away team dressing rooms are much smaller and uncomfortable than the home teams.  This is not the case at Wembley, that is because Wembley not only hosts football but many other sports.  If a Champions League final is held here, you cannot give one team a much better changing room.  Likewise for an American football match.  However, when England play at home, I’m sure they have access to much better facilities!

Home Team Dressing Room

Wembley Stadium Tour - Home Team Dressing Room

The main difference between the England and away team dressing room are the inspirational images as well as access to better facilities.  Will the away team have access to warm up facilities, jacuzzis and huge TVs for team tactics?  I very much doubt it!  Lastly, you’re welcome to sit down in the dressing rooms and take a photo with your favorite players shirt.

Players Tunnel

Wembley Stadium Tour - Players Tunnel

From the dressing rooms, you can take the famous walk through the players tunnel and onto the pitch.  How does it feel when you walk into the cathedral of football?  The only way to find out is to take the Wembley stadium tour!  Imagine the legends which have passed through the players tunnel into Wembley.  Maradona, Pele, Lineker, Van Basten, Messi, Beckham, Ronaldo just to name a few!

Pitch Side and Dugout

Wembley Stadium Tour - Pitch Side and Dugout

Whilst you’re pitch side at Wembley you can sit in the dugout.  Additionally, you can pose for pictures pitchside.  A good photo opportunity is pitch side with the iconic Wembley logo on the adjacent seats.

Flash Interview Rooms

Wembley Stadium Tour - Flash Media Rooms

If you’ve ever watched a game at Wembley on TV, you’ll recognise the flash interview rooms.  This is where players and managers give a quick interview at half time or after the match.  You’re welcome to pose for pictures here or even make your own video interview!  The tour runs to a schedule so plan your interview beforehand as you have limited time here.

England Press Room

Wembley Stadium Tour - Press Room

This is the highlight of the tour for some England fans.  Gareth Southgate became a legend after leading England to the World Cup semi finals in 2018.  You can sit where he sits to speak to the press.  Why not dress up in a waistcoat for this picture?

Wembley Stadium Store

Wembley Stadium Store

Once you’ve finished the tour I recommend you check out the Wembley stadium store.  As a matter of fact you should visit before your tour.  You could wear the unique Wembley or England merchandise during your tour which would seriously enhance your pictures!

How to get to Wembley from Central London

I highly recommend you take the London Underground to Wembley.  It’s located in Zone 4 of the underground network and is served by Wembley Park or Wembley Central.  However, the quickest way is to travel from London Marylebone to Wembley Stadium Station which takes 14 minutes.  Enjoy your ride to Wembley and enjoy your Wembley stadium tour!  Remember to book online in advance as the tours do sell out, more importantly, the online price is cheaper than the walk in price.

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