I answer the common question, what are the Canary Islands known for?  I may also inspire you to visit the Canary Islands!  But first of all, let me answer exactly where are the Canary Islands and which country are they part of?  The Canary Islands are located off the South West Coast of Morocco.  However, they are part of Spain.

Canarian Gastronomy

Canarian Gastronomy - papas arrugadas

Let’s start with the delicious Canarian gastronomy.  Firstly, the most famous dish of the Canary Islands is known locally as ‘papas arrugadas con mojo rojo’.  These are wrinkled potatoes covered in a spicy red sauce.  Other popular dishes in the Canary Islands include Canarian ranch, scalded gofio as well as a variety of stews.  Follow this link to discover more wonders of Canarian gastronomy.


What are the Canary Islands known for? Volcanoes

The Canary Islands are in fact a chain of volcanic islands.  As a result, the landscapes are as unique as they are stunning.  The most famous volcano is Mt. Teide which is part of Teide National Park.  Teide National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site and you can even visit the volcano’s crater.  How many islands make up the Canaries?  Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro which is a total of seven islands to explore.

Wildlife on the Canary Islands

Blue Chaffinch - Canary Islands

Have you ever seen a yellow canary before?  This beautifully colored bird is certainly something which the Canary Islands are known for.  In addition, you may also see a blue chaffinch flying around.  Other notable wildlife includes stonechats, geckos, skinks, big eared bats, small chiffchaffs, lizards and goldcrests.  Lastly, the easiest way to see wildlife is to visit Loro Park on the island of Tenerife.


Vineyards in Lanzarote

How does wine produced in the fertile volcanic soils of the Canary Islands taste?  Even is you’re not a wine lover, it’s worth visiting some of the most beautiful vineyards you’ll ever see in your life.


What are the Canary Islands Known For - Carnival

You don’t have to travel to Rio de Janeiro to experience the carnival.  Santa Cruz de Tenerife hosts a lively carnival between February and March each year.  As a matter of fact, this is the second most famous carnival in the world after the Rio equivalent.


Beaches of the Canary Islands

Due to the volcanic nature of the Canary Islands, you’ll find both black and white sand beaches.  This is perfect for those who love posing for stunning photos on the beach.  Of course, you can take the classic Instagram shot on a white sand beach with the emerald colored sea behind you.  Alternatively, take your photo walking across the sand dunes.  However, your friends will not be able to match your unique shot posing on a black sand beach.

Famous Towns of the Canary Islands

Biggest towns in the Canary Islands

Most people come to the Canary Islands for the beaches and stunning volcanic landscapes.  However, you must also pay a visit to the beautiful Spanish towns and cities.  Las Palmas in Gran Canaria is the biggest city of the Canary Islands.  The second and third biggest towns of Santa Cruz and San Cristobal are found on Tenerife.  As a result, if you like to be close to a large town with nightlife, I recommend you stay on either of these islands.

Finally… See the Milky Way

Stargazing in the Canary Islands

The air is so clear on La Palma island that the largest single aperture telescope in the world exists here.  Whether you visit the Gran Telescopio Canarias or not, be sure to look up to the stars at night.  I guarantee you’ll see many more stars than you see back home!

Enjoy Your Visit to the Canary Islands

I hope I answered the question, what are the Canary Islands known for?  More importantly, I hope I inspire you to visit this part of the world.  With delicious food, beautiful beaches, volcanic landscapes, buzzing towns as well as its own carnival – maybe it’s time to visit the Canary Islands?

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