If, like me, you use public transport then you’ll be affected by the new UK law.  From 15th June face coverings must be worn on all forms of public transport.  For this reason, I take a look at the different types of face coverings available and where to buy them with next day delivery in the UK.

KN95 Face Mask


Firstly, I’ll start with the highly sought after KN95 face mask (N95 equivalent).  This mask is effective against the spread of infection from yourself as well as for your protection from other people’s germs.  These are in short supply worldwide.  Nonetheless, I have some in my store here in the UK.

Buy 3 KN95 face masks for £15. 2 day shipping to anywhere in the UK.  Use discount code JUNE10 for a 10% discount, safe payment through Paypal.

Disposable Face Masks

Disposable face masks are perhaps the easiest option.  Simply put one on before you enter public transport, then when you reach your destination, dispose it in the bin.  They’re also more hygienic than reusable face masks as you always use a new one.  Packs of 50 are available in the UK for next day delivery.  Safe payment through Amazon.

Reusable Face Masks

These general use face masks satisfy the UK governments new transport requirements.  However, they are not proven to protect from spreading germs.  Even less when you’re using them over and over again.  Packs of 10 masks are available online in the UK for next day delivery.  Safe payment through Amazon.

Fashionable Face Coverings

Do you want to look cool whilst wearing your face mask?  Fashionable face masks are similar to the reusable face masks with one main difference.  They have a cool pattern of your choice.  These are the most expensive face covering option and are available for next day delivery in the UK.  Safe payment through Amazon.

Make Your Own Face Mask at Home

With a quick search on YouTube you’ll find thousands of videos on how to make your own face mask at home.  Potentially more fashionable than the patterned ones I mentioned above, definitely more custom.  Good luck!


Here are the 5 face covering options again from the most effective to the least effective:

  1. Kn 95 Mask
  2. Disposable Masks
  3. Reusable Masks
  4. Fashionable Masks
  5. Make Your Own Face Covering

Most importantly of all, stay alert, maintain social distancing as well as good hygiene.