The 2020 lockdown affected everyone on the planet.  Most of us ended up indoors, only permitted to leave the house for food.  Trapped at home with access only to my fridge, this is how I survived the 2020 lockdown without gaining weight.

Africa – March 2020

Rose Lake Senegal

Here is one of my last normal photos before lockdown.  I was traveling in West Africa and I was also in decent physical condition.  Do you remember when you were free to travel, exercise, or simply go out whenever and wherever you wanted?  It’s hard to believe how much the world has changed in just a few weeks.  Nonetheless, I was lucky to leave Africa on one of the last planes before all borders around the world were closed.

What if the Fridge is the Only Place You Can Visit?

raiding the fridge during 2020 lockdown

I was lucky to get home at all.  However, little did I know when I got home, the fridge is all I would have access to!  This was not good at all for my waistline.  It’s hard to get motivated when you’re indoors the whole time.  In fact, I would sit home, watch Netflix and binge on junk food.  As my waistline increased, my picture from Africa I took weeks earlier seemed like another person!

Then I Remembered my Trip to Malaysia

Islands of Malaysia

Years earlier, I’d been island hopping in Malaysia and I remembered they sold a product which stopped you craving food.  At that time I was in good shape therefore had no need to buy it.  But fast forward to today when I’m trapped inside, I wish I’d bought this product.  For this reason, I performed a Google search and found it’s available in the States.  Moreover, they deliver it straight to your door so I ordered some straight away.

water hack

After Lockdown

Photographing after lockdown

Here is my first photo since the lockdown has been relaxed.  Instead of being overweight, I’m still in decent condition despite having spent the last weeks sat on the couch watching Netflix.  As I’m now over 40 years old I can gain weight quickly so it’s a miracle I’m not a large immobile photographer at this point!  What’s more, I feel good too and I’m happy to have my photo taken for a change.  Not only did it stop my unhealthy food cravings but it also increased my concentration levels.  Perfect for photographing pictures of rare birds!

Lastly and most importantly, buying the tablets actually saved me money.  The cost of the tablets is significantly less than the food you would have binged on.

Read more about the product or watch an informative video.

How Much do the Tablets Cost?

How much do they cost

Check out the price and order yours right now.

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