Whether you packed your bags, are planning to, or are already on the road, tasting new stuff should already be on your list of things to do when traveling to a new place.  If you’re a wine enthusiast, you will be tempted to live the transcendent experience of wine tasting.  You’ll want to lose yourself in the sheer splendour of wineries and vineyards, road-tripping your way from one winery to the other.  You’ll want to taste new foods along the way and make stops at the picturesque landscapes you’re going to discover.  Trying new tastes is indeed one of the best things about traveling, and we will help you make the most of the amazing experience that awaits you.

Pick Your Destination

With hundreds of thousands of wineries around the world, there is really no shortage of options to pick from.  You may have already settled on your destination, or you may still be undecided.  In any case, knowing and planning a few things in advance will help you immensely in your quest for wine and food discovery.   This will totally come down to how you want your journey to be, but here are a few thoughts.

  • Destination settled.  If you already know which country or city you want to visit, that should make planning a little easier.  Look up the best wine regions that you could get to and include them in your plan.
  • Top-notch wine.  If you don’t mind where you will be landing, you may be driven by an urge to taste the very best wines.  In this case, you may consider going to one or more of the world’s best wine regions.  Countries like France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, United States, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, and Georgia come to mind but there are others that are well up there.
  • Proximity to other places.  Wherever you go, there will be tons of things you can do and places to discover.  If you’re looking for sightseeing attractions, restaurants, cool events, or any other activities, think about that when making a decision.  Distance between wineries in a wine region can also be a factor to consider, especially if you don’t want to spend eternity behind a steering wheel, or if you have limited time.
  • Time of the year.  When deciding where you want to be, don’t neglect when you want to be there.  If you go to Australia in July and expect to see vineyards at harvest time and have a perfect summer, you’ll be very disappointed, and very cold.
  • Transportation.  You can drive, take cabs, or opt for guided tours.  Make sure you consider your transportation options before planning your trip.

Taste the Wine

Wineries go back a long way and are almost as old as wine itself.  For today’s wine enthusiasts, they offer one of the most delightful and glamourous experiences.  Upon your arrival, take the time to stroll around and discover the place.  If it’s a winery overlooking a vineyard, enjoy the view, wander through the vines, and taste what they have to offer.  As far as the actual tasting goes, here are a few beginner tips.

  • Hold the glass the proper way.  If you hold it by the bowl, your hand’s heat might alter the wine’s temperature and savor.
  • Swirl the wine.  Wine contains hundreds of compounds.  Swirling helps release their aromas.  It also exposes it to oxygen, reduces the acidity level, and enhances its taste.
  • Smell the wine.  Your nose plays a larger part in your sense of taste.  Smelling the wine, especially after swirling it, will give you the best savor you can have.
  • Don’t wear scents.  Perfumes and colognes are a bit unwise; they can interfere with your ability to taste.

Wineries are usually intimate and light-hearted places run by people who love what they do.  Don’t forget to chat with the people who work there, ask them questions, and hear the story behind their wines.  You can then make your way to the various wineries that lie ahead.  It’s always a good idea to be aware of the wines each plane is offering and which ones you want to try, and with enough money to get a bottle or three for the road.

Try New Foods

Making a wine tasting journey on an empty stomach isn’t a very bright idea.  Despite the risks of getting drunk unexpectedly quickly or having nausea, it really can’t be the ultimate experience without treating yourself to some excellent food.  Plus, doesn’t everything taste better when traveling?

In the Winery

Most wineries offer food and crackers at the bar, some offer tours of wine tasting paired with some sustenance, and some even have quality restaurants with plenty to choose from.  You can come prepared with a few snacks in your bag, but you can always try something new in the winery.

Nearby Restaurants

Wine regions can be popular tourist destinations, with many people coming from all over the world specifically to taste their wines.  It stands to reason that restaurants should open up near the wineries.  Be sure to plan ahead where you’re going to eat or ask around for a good address.


When you are journeying in the middle of nowhere and drowning in the sheer, unfiltered beauty of your surroundings, you may be tempted to stop at a cool spot and have a meal while enjoying the spectacular landscapes before you.  You can also have your picnic in the vineyard if it’s allowed.

Stay Out of Harm’s Way!

Wine And Dine On The Road: How To Experience New Tastes While Traveling

Wine tasting will be an enthralling experience, as long as you do it safely.  When in the winery, make sure to drink water regularly to avoid dehydration and nausea.  It is also very important to know your limits and not overdrink.  If you’re the one who’s driving, you must be extremely careful so you don’t put yourself and those with you in danger.  You can space your tasting sessions, spend some time in the winery, and have some food and water to sober up a little.  Come what may, don’t drive unless you know you’re perfectly capable to do so.  Bringing a breathalyser can be really helpful in this regard.

Everything about traveling, eating food, and tasting wine screams fun.  Whatever you do, don’t rush things, and don’t worry about doing everything and going everywhere.  You probably can’t.  What you can do is enjoy every experience and savour every moment to the fullest extent.  Meet new people, see new places, and return home with some wine, peace of mind, and plenty of beautiful memories.