Yamoussoukro to Abidjan by land is one of the easiest journeys in West Africa.  Here, I run through the stages from your hotel in Yamoussoukro to your hotel in Abidjan.

Getting to Yamoussoukro Bus Terminal

Firstly, the best bus company is UTB.  Why? you may ask.  Because it’s both an air conditioned bus as well as a reliable service.  In my experience, they leave on time and the comfortable seats have sufficient leg room.  Buy your ticket from the Gare UTB Yamoussoukro.  As you enter the terminal (which could be described as a barn) you’ll see a desk at the entrance with staff dressed in UTB uniforms.  Tell the staff you’re going to Abidjan and when.  They will organize your ticket for you as well as put you on the correct bus.  You can buy your ticket right before you go or in advance, there’s no extra cost for this.  I got the impression from staff that it was important a tourist in the Ivory Coast had a good experience with UTB.  In fact, they personally escorted me to the bus and made sure I was safely on it.

Yamoussoukro to Abidjan Bus

Yamoussoukro to Abidjan Bus

The road from Yamoussoukro to Abidjan is in excellent condition.  As a matter of fact, I would consider it a motorway therefore journey time is less than 3 hours.  One thing to take note of is the bus station you’re heading to in Abidjan.  The preferable choice is Gare Ajame because it’s the closest to the popular destination of Plateau.  However, I went to Gare Yopougon as that’s where the next Yamoussoukro to Abidjan bus was leaving to.  Abidjan is a huge city therefore whichever Abidjan bus station you go to, it’s highly likely you’ll need to catch a cab to your hotel.

Getting From Abidjan Bus Terminal to Hotel

Yamoussoukro to Abidjan Bus

As I walked out of the bus station, I saw security organizing taxis for passengers.  I took advantage of this and told him where I was going.  No sooner had I told him, than he had flagged a taxi for me.  I then negotiated a good price to my hotel in Plateau.

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