Here I explore the six things to do in Azores Portugal.  Whether you’re visiting for the beautiful landscapes, nature, food or wine, there’s something for everyone.  Let’s explore the Azores.

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Azores Portugal, Whale and Dolphin Watching

Before we explore the Azores Islands, let’s explore the Atlantic Ocean which surrounds them.  The Azores are known for their abundant marine wildlife, as you’d expect in the middle of the Atlantic some 850 miles from Portugal and 3750 miles from the USA.  Whales are residents in the oceans surrounding the islands therefore whale watching is a popular activity.  In fact, most tour companies even guarantee whale sightings as it’s so common to see them.  What’s more, azores holidays on Voyage Privé website also have whale watching as their top thing to do in the Azores.

Hiking in the Azores

Hiking in the Azores, Portugal

Hiking in the mainland Portugal is a popular activity with lots of well known hiking trails.  As a matter of fact, there’s a Camino de Santiago route that runs through the mainland.  Good news, there are also well marked hiking trails throughout the Azores.  Perhaps the most famous trail in the Azores is the hike to Hell’s Mouth Viewpoint (Miradoura da Boca do Inferno).  This picturesque hike leads you to incredible views of a huge crater lake at Sete Cidades.  Lastly, Sao Miguel Island is famed for it’s various hiking routes.

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography in Azores Portugal

The Azores Islands are a dream for any landscape photographer.  They’re also a nightmare as there are so many beautiful islands to explore!  A question many landscape photographer will ask before exploring is which of the Azores is the most beautiful?  With nine major islands of the Azores, give yourself plenty of time to explore.  Waking up early to hike to a stunning viewpoint at sunrise will give you a memory of a lifetime.


Wine in Azores, Portugal

Portugal is a country which is famous for its wine.  However, the Portuguese wine you’ve tried in the past is most likely from the mainland.  Azores Island is often referred to as an island of wine in the middle of the Atlantic, that’s how good the wine is.  Others have referred to the islands as home to volcanic wine.  Does the volcanic terrain of the Azores produce better wine?  There’s only one way to find out, visit the Azores and enjoy yourself as you taste the wines yourself.  Lastly, wine is the perfect complement for Portuguese weddings!

Only Tea Plantation in Europe

Only Tea Plantation in Europe, Azores Portugal

When you think about tea plantations, maybe India, Sri Lanka, Philippines or China come to mind.  What’s for certain is that anywhere in Europe will not come to mind.  However, The Azores are home to the only tea plantation in the whole of Europe.  To be more specific, visit the Island of Sao Miguel to see these beautiful tea plantations.  Additionally, stop by the tea room to sample the local produce.  Not as exciting as wine tasting but for tea enthusiasts, this is a must.  Lastly, for landscape photographers the tea plantations make a wonderful photo.

Birdwatching in Azores

Birdwatching in Azores Portugal

As you’d imagine, these islands in the middle of the Atlantic are home to some birds which you’ll find no where else in the world.  For this reason, birdwatching in the Azores is a must for any bird enthusiast.  Firstly, being small islands surrounded by ocean there are a lot of seabirds such as the Fea’s and Bulwer’s petrels.  A bird which is often the top of any birders list is the Azores bullfinch.  Not only is this endemic to the Azores but to the particular island of Sao Miguel.  Another bird which is endemic to the islands but less exciting is the Azores woodpigeon.

Enjoy Your Visit to the Azores Islands

Enjoy the Azores Islands

The Azores are perfect for you to relax and escape to nature.  The peaceful Portuguese atmosphere only further enhances this nature experience.  However long you choose to stay in the Azores, I guarantee you’ll wish you’d booked that extra day, or two!

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